Dennie Kids: June 7, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Campbell making it almost all night last night without a bottle-Mom looked at her round belly and big head today and decided that she might just need to cut back on a few daily bottles-or maybe she just needs some bigger clothes! (that will be a project for next week!)
  • Everyone up early enough that we were able to put on our clothes before going to Grannymom's house to play while Mom had a doctor's appointment and ran errands
  • Swingings, riding bikes, playing with toys and eating a popsicle in the morning time made for some very sleepy kids by afternoon-everyone slept a surprisingly long time (Mom even had to wake Anderson up)
  • At Grannymom's house, Anderson showed Mom the two switches in Grannymom's bathroom-he said one was the light and the other was the one for "if a baby sleeps in here"-poor baby, thinks the bathroom exhaust is extra noise for a baby to sleep well in the bathroom.  He doesn't know that most families don't have babies sleeping in the bathroom!
  • Well, everyone slept well except Campbell who stayed up and watched Mom run and then watched Dad on the computer (he was working from home).  She slept about one whole hour during the day and was getting pretty exhausted by tonight
  • All of us eating supper at the same time-and we even had pretty much the same thing.  Campbell didn't have our cheese and bean tortillas but opted for her cereal-which she is now gobbling down (and she even had a bite or two of Mom's yogurt)
  • Graham putting on an apron and asking Dad if he wanted cupcakes and then serving the family cupcakes
  • The three oldest playing puppy dog-Mom even filled their food and water bowls up.  Graham even "begged" just like his brother and sister.
  • Notice the pictures of everyone drinking their milk at the same time-that is why we go through a gallon of milk a day around her (no, Campbell doesn't drink milk-only formula)
  • Nonna and Jason coming over tonight to play while Mom and Dad were at the gym-only a few more gym weeks left (more on that later)-Nonna brought over coloring books and cars to play with and Anderson did not want Nonna and her cars to leave
  • A popsicle before bed and a movie for Reagan and Anderson-they are now playing puppy dog while in bed

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