Dennie Kids: June 5, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Campbell sleeping ALL night long-hopefully this is a new pattern (but probably not since she ate at 10 last night and that is unusual)
  • Playing downstairs this morning while Mom slept in for a few minutes-just a few!  Then watching Dad and then Mom run on the treadmill while we had breakfast, watched a few movies, drove every truck around and had another snack
  • Putting on our clothes and heading out to run some errands-bank, post office, grocery store, pet food store-oh, we just stayed in the car with either Mom or Dad during the errands while they would run in
  • Finally getting out of the car at our lunch stop-they had peanuts and rolls.  What more could we ask for!  They didn’t hear Dad ask for a booster seat so Graham sat in a big boy seat and even did pretty well
  • Since we were so good earlier during the car, we got to stop at our place-Chuck E Cheese.  We used tons of tokens, played lots of games and won a few tickets!  Oh it was fun-and there weren’t too many people there today.  Graham now comes and asks for “money” just like Reagan and Anderson.  Mom and Dad even worked on their skee ball skills (which are lacking from their Showbiz days)
  • Having a slight panic moment when leaving Chuck E Cheese.  (If you don’t know, you get a stamp when you come in and then when you leave, the stamp is checked to make sure you have your kids)  The big kids had matching stamps to Mom and Dad but they had written Campbell’s number and put it on a sticker-and it was WRONG!  The stamp checker looked around in a panic but decided to let us leave with the child!
  • Coming home for naps-but only Anderson took a nap.  Graham talked/fussed until Dad rescued him, Reagan begged for Mom to lay down by her and Campbell just hung out in her gym and kicked and rolled
  • Supper and then going outside to do some yard work-yes, Mom and Dad made us all work (Campbell did hang out in her stroller in the shade).  Mom tried to tell us that if we all worked together we would get done faster. 
  • Finishing our yard work and getting to play in the backyard-swinging, watering the plants (and Graham) and taking a spin on the lawnmower
  • Baths for everyone and then popsicles and a few books before bedtime

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