Dennie Kids: June 14, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • We had to be at Vacation Bible School this morning very early (let’s just say, sometimes we are still in bed at that time)
  • Stopping by Burger King-easy way out for breakfast and that way maybe Graham would clue into where he was going and not fuss as much (didn’t work)
  • Everyone going to their classes-Anderson was thrilled that he was able to go to games since he didn’t get to during cubbies.  Campbell slept all morning long and Graham was in his usual room with his usual teachers and threw his usual fit (but Pops did check on him and he looked happy)  Mom was sad that he wasn’t with his girlfriend Ruthie though.
  • Anderson and Reagan coming to Mom’s class for craft-it made the day go quicker for Mom!  Eating lunch at church with Jacob and Ethan and seeing Pops before we had to go home
  • Graham falling asleep on the way home so everyone else took a short nap.  But then meant naptime was over way to early and they were wired all afternoon…and unfortunately all evening long while Nonna and Pops were here
  • Hanging up Reagan’s butterflies-they have now made their cocoons and we are just waiting for them to emerge (crossing our fingers for this)
  • Books, snacks, movies, lots of toys, supper and then playing with Nonna and Pops while Mom and Dad were at the gym.  We made them play ball and even tried to make them play duck, duck, goose
  • Campbell eating her first real baby food today-stage 2 sweet potatoes.  I know that isn’t the traditional starting food but that is all that Mom had in the pantry and she must have enjoyed it since she had 1/2 of the jar.  Mom thought she needed something yummy after a long day at Bible School
  • Everyone is in bed now and Anderson can be heard yelling “I don’t want to by a knight” and then “I don’t want to be a servant”-Reagan must be playing queen!

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