Dennie Kids: June 25, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • A fairly lazy Friday morning and Dad didn’t have to go to work!  So we all watched him run on the treadmill and then made breakfast
  • The boys used the rolling pin to smash their bread and make jelly sandwiches but Reagan was fairly adamant that she did not want “another smashed sandwich” (Mom had made her a Panini once and it did not go over well)
  • Campbell staying at home with Dad while Mom and the big 3 headed to pick up Grannymom, Lilly and Cash for a day’o’ fun
  • Library time at the Main Library was first and as we walked in Reagan said “this is a big library.”  Dad had been working with Graham about what he should do in the library (the answer is “shhhh”) and the practice paid off.  He sat in Mom’s lap, didn’t move and didn’t say a word the entire time.  He did finally slightly raise his arms during a version of “happy and you know it”  It was story time for 3-5 years old so he was slightly young but perfect for the others
  • Next we walked down to the fountains.  Lilly took off to play in them but the Dennie crew was very stand off-ish at first.  But within a few minutes they had all warmed up and cooled off completely in the water.  Graham probably enjoyed it the most.
  • Anderson and Cash did forget to listen and turn around once at the end of the tunnel…and then proceeded to take off!  Fortunately for little Anderson, we were in a public place so his rear-end is still intact.  They did have to sit out for awhile (probably not long enough)
  • Reagan’s crisis during the fountain adventure was having to go to the bathroom.  Anderson’s had to go as well so we walked to the porta pottys.  Since they were very, very filthy Mom just held Anderson us to do his business….Mom’s aim isn’t any better than Anderson’s aim so we unfortunately only left the bathroom much, much worse.  So that left Reagan without a bathroom.  Mom finally had to talk her into using the restroom another place (and that would be too much info)
  • After climbing, sliding and more fountains it was time for a snack-those 5 kids devoured 1/2 a jar of peanut butter and a sleeve of graham crackers.  Next was a walk to the trolleys and we waited and waited.  Finally, one came by and we hoped on.  Graham was delighted that he was on the trolley and Anderson was tickled that we drove by Dad’s work
  • Juice boxes and skittles lured the kids to the car after the trolley and they rode quietly home (since they were exhausted)
  • Meanwhile, Campbell and Dad worked on Grandpa’s tv and then headed back to the brain lab to finish her visit.  She again was a perfect little baby and didn’t fuss.  After she was finished, Dad took her to McDonalds for a Happy Meal.  She didn’t eat much of it (since she is used to stage 2 baby food) but did enjoy her toy!
  • Naps for everyone this afternoon and Mom even had to wake the boys up.  They had sandwiches on buns (grocery store time) and topped it off with cinnamon toast and topped that of with popsicles
  • Campbell devoured her squash and then Mom made her a little bit of baby food with Dad’s fancy food smasher.  She really liked it (too bad Mom later read that she made her food with something Campbell shouldn’t have until she is 1)
  • Playing legos until bedtime which came a little early when Graham fell down the steps.  He luckily landed on most of his feet but did end up with a bleeding lip.  Since Graham is as tough as nails he was happy as soon as Reagan and Anderson ran to check on him
  • Bedtime-and everyone was in bed by 8 (we have gotten late around here) but Campbell didn’t enjoy bedtime so she has come downstairs to sleep beside Mom.
  • Oh, Mom has turned Reagan into a list girl!  Mom made a “getting dressed” list earlier this week and Reagan has loved doing it and doing it quickly.  She begged Mom to make her a “going to bed list”  Anderson uses the list too but he just sits in the floor and looks at it instead of actually doing what is on the list.  It does make things alot easier for Mom-Reagan is getting ready without any nagging from Mom and when Mom needs Anderson so move on, she can just ask him what is next instead of yelling “brush your teeth”  Anyway, tonight Reagan flew past Mom and Dad with her list in her hand while yelling “got to get in bed, last thing on the list”

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