Dennie Kids: June 18, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • We made it to day 5 of VBS.  This morning we were even up early enough for Campbell to have some cereal before we left.  Then off to Burger King to get the big kids food and there was quite a line this morning.
  • Anderson and Reagan’s favorite part of VBS was jumping on the jumpies today during game time.  Mom’s favorite part was seeing all of the kids during puppets and hearing them sing their songs
  • Oh, Campbell now has a bottom tooth-all of the Dennie kids are dentally advanced!
  • Campbell is going to miss her VBS teachers-I think she enjoyed all of the attention that she received in her class.  Graham made a horse, had a bandana and a vest today when he came home.  When Mom asked him about his horse, he just grinned
  • Eating lunch at Nonna’s house since Pop’s didn’t cook us any at church today.  She had pizza and Anderson must have been hungry since he had a whole piece of pizza and a breadstick
  • Mom living on the wild side and taking everyone to the library even though it was really naptime.  Everyone did fairly well-Mom did have to haul out a zillion library books, push a stroller and hold Graham!
  • Everyone coming home to crash for naps-Dad even came home and joined us for naps.  Then we all had frozen waffles for supper!
  • Mom and Dad working on the front flowerbeds after supper and all 4 helpers were assisting.  Campbell ended up taking a nap in the garage on a towel by the door.  Graham, Reagan and Anderson worked on the “ice treasures” that Mom had made for them last week.  And it held their attention for quite a while-they dug, poked and banged to get their treasures out of the ice
  • Quick rides on the tractor and then Reagan and Anderson discovered lightning bugs.  Dad and Mom even caught a few-and thought we could just stick them in the butterfly cage.  That didn’t work since they just squeezed out the holes!  We plan on catching some at Pop’s house some night when we have a jar
  • Baths and then to bed since it was very, very late for the Dennie’s crew to be up
  • Reagan’s prayer for tonight: “Thank you God for Momma and her wonderful children”

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