Dennie Kids: June 17, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Day 4 at VBS-we made it this morning-barely.  Dad had to take Grannymom and Grandpa to the airport very early so Mom was on her own.  She was able to get mostly ready before Anderson woke up.  Then had to do the dishes for Campbell’s bottles since she was hungry.  Next she woke up Graham and put his clothes on, followed by putting on Anderson’s, then waking up Reagan to put hers on and finally putting on Campbell’s clothes (in case you were wondering how we made it there on time)
  • Reagan and Anderson were very particular this morning putting their money in the well.  Mom overheard by another child that “the whale needed clean water” but thinks they meant to say “the kids need clean water from a well”  Anderson dumped his money as soon as he saw the bucket while Reagan held her fingers tightly around her money until her class walked by the bucket
  • Making a snake in crafts and getting a harmonica in music-what could be more fun!  Graham even made a book and fell asleep in his class.  Finally we ate lunch with Pops before heading to Nonna’s house
  • Mom tried to get everyone to take a nap at Nonnas and it started out well but soon it fell apart.  Graham tried to lay still on his mat but couldn’t and Anderson kept sneaking out of his room and running down the hall to get cars to play with.  Sweet Reagan just stayed on her sleeping bag until Nonna and the boys came to get her
  • Playing with every toy in Nonna’s house and even going outside.  Anderson fell and scraped his knees-now he has on two HUGE PINK bandaids!  Having a few snacks and supper before Mom and Dad came to pick us up. 

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