Dennie Kids: June 10, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • 7:45 is when we like to leave on school mornings and we were all in bed at 7:30!  But Dad was still able to check them in only a few minutes late (Graham still fussed even though this was his second morning to start in Reagan and Anderson’s class)
  • Campbell hanging out with Mom again today-but Mom forgot to call Nonna so Nonna and Pops were looking for Campbell this morning
  • Our handyman (Grandpa) coming over to hang Mom’s plants.  While he was here, Grannymom fed Campbell her cereal-she was ready to eat and cleaned her bowl and seemed to want more
  • Mom and Campbell picking up the big 3 in Dad’s car since Dad was stuck getting the van’s oil change.  But since all 4 can’t ride in Dad’s car we played on the playground at school until Dad arrived to switch cars-Mom was hoping he would take awhile and they could walk and get a cupcake
  • Everyone playing well all afternoon-maybe it was the huge snack and lots of juice Mom gave them when they came home from school
  • Loading up to head out to eat and then to the ballgame…until the monsoon came.  The kids enjoyed the salsa (surprising, I know) while Campbell kicked her feet.  They weren’t too disappointed about missing the ballgame since they didn’t know we were going.  Mom was more disappointed after packing all of our supplies that we would need!
  • Coming home and playing vacation-they are now watching a movie laying in their sleeping bags in the “hotel” 

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