Dennie Kids: June 6, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Cinna-mini day or church day-which ever you want to call it.  Anderson chose cinna-mini day! 
  • Graham saw Mom and Dad eating their bananas on the way to church and kept asking “where’s mine?”  He grinned when we turned into Burger King and clapped his hands with a huge smile when the person handed Dad the bag
  • Mom and Dad hanging out in Anderson’s class this morning-Graham caught Dad in the hallway and joined us-he fit in pretty well and even sat down and painted for awhile
  • Lunch at Grannymom’s house and then going outside to swing for a little bit
  • Reagan and Mom taking a nap together while everyone else took naps-wonderful Sunday naps!
  • Dad having to wake everyone up for supper and church tonight (Mom was already at church)
  • Seeing Grannymom, Grandpa, Jason, Nonna and Pops in the hall on our way home-what could be more exciting!
  • A snack before bedtime-Graham is sleeping soundly, Campbell is watching tv with Mom and Reagan and Anderson are in bed talking-she is the Mom and he is the Dad and they are getting ready to go on vacation and need to pack their bags (our little Dennie travelers!)

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