Dennie Kids: July 2, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Going to Grannymom's house in our pajamas-Graham only had on his diaper!
  • Playing with Grandpa and coloring all morning long
  • Mom and Nonna picking us up
  • Playing with Nonna and Pops until naptime
  • Graham waking up first, then Reagan who was ready for her snack and a movie, Anderson waking up next and needing to have his milk!
  • Watching Dad mow the yard and helping him with with his long extension cord-we had to take it to him across the yard and in the meantime, Graham got a little tangled
  • Supper and then playing legos and watching "Clean House"
  • Graham was fussy and went to bed first and Reagan and Anderson stayed up until the both hit each other and had to go to bed next

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