Fourth of July at Petit Jean State Park

We left after lunch and after a long morning of everyone asking when we were going to leave. Reagan was ready to get there but was pleased when Robby said that we had arrived. The Dennie's and Heifners were already at the cabins. We pulled up and the kids jumped out and started playing. Before long, the Mississippi Dennie's arrived and supper by Dana was soon served. We hung outside most of the evening while the kids played outside and rode bikes. Reagan took a stroll after dark while the boys got a bath-they were tired! The cabins were very nice-our set even had screened in back porches and a nice deck. But after a long day, the beds were especially nice!

After a good nights rest, breakfast was at our cabin-breakfast burritos. We were up and in the kitchen early but had plenty of time. The kids were dressed in their patriotic clothes and Reagan loved the red and blue strawberries and blueberries. After breakfast, we headed down the Cedar Falls. Les and James stayed back but the rest of us ventured down the hill. Graham fussed going down but enjoyed his bottle at the bottom of the hill. Reagan and Anderson weren't too thrilled with having to hold a hand down the mountain but did very well. Reagan and Grannymom walked to the edge of the falls with all of the other kids. Anderson stayed back with Robby and stuck his feet in the cold water. When the others headed back, Tara started walking Graham back-he fell asleep (it was a little quieter with just Tara walking-except for all of the people who wanted to ask what she was doing down there by herself with a baby and how she was going to make it back up the hill alone). Soon the others caught up and we all headed back up the mountain. Reagan did great, Anderson sweat buckets but walked most of the time and Graham enjoyed the walk back more than the walk down.

Next it was time for paninis for lunch by Les. They were good and hit the spot after the long hike. Afterwards, we headed to the boat dock where Graham refused to wear his life jacket so Tara, Reagan and Anderson rode in the paddle boat. Tara didn't know that she would be the only one peddaling or she would have let Robby take the kids on the ride. Graham got a long stroller ride out of the deal and was so pleased he even fell asleep. After our boat ride, the sky was looking dark so we hurried back to the cabins and through on our swimsuits. Graham loved floating in his floatie but his favorite part was holding onto the water guns that Les and Robby were using. He even enjoyed getting sprayed by them. Reagan wanted Tara to throw her up in the air and Anderson loves the water and even spent some time in his armies. All of the cousins had a blast and were exhausted afterwards. Reagan and Anderson fell asleep within minutes of laying down that afternoon. Graham, on the other hand, just wanted Mom to push him in the stroller.

After everyone's naps, it was time for our lasagna supper at Virginia's cabin. Afterwards, we decided to take another hike. We saw the steep descent and decided that this "easy" hike wasn't going to be that easy so we turned around. The others headed to the overlook but my crew were interested in going back to the playground. And it was a good thing that we stayed back since the rains came soon. The kids colored and worked puzzles for the rest of the evening. Soon it was bedtime and everyone was exhausted....except Graham who cried until he laid down into bed with Mom and went right to sleep. We slept so well after he went to sleep that we didn't even wake up for breakfast until 10 mintues before time to eat (good thing it wasn't at our cabin!)

Breakfast was cinnamon rolls and the kids ate all of theirs. Les and family left first since they had the longest drive and we left soon after. We drove around for a little bit before heading down the mountain. It was a quick trip home and a quick trip at Petit Jean. We all had a great 4th of July and look forward to next year.

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