Dennie Kids: July 22, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here to today's pictures)

  • Reagan waking up early and being ready to go to Elizabeth's house

  • Grannymom coming over while Mom and Dad ran to a doctor's appointment-Baby IV is growing well and looking good (more here)

  • Everyone putting on their clothes and heading outside to swing

  • Graham having a morning nap while Reagan and Anderson watched a movie and drank countless glasses of juice while Mom happily ironed and cleaned

  • Dinosaur chicken nuggets for lunch and making our own honey mustard dressing!

  • Reagan playing at Elizabeth's house-she has so much fun and made cupcakes (and she even brought some home for Dad)

  • Graham and Anderson meeting Dad at the mall for a pretzel and then shopping at Sam's

  • Picking up Reagan and the boys were even able to come in and have a cupcake

  • 3 fussy kids coming home since no one had an afternoon nap

  • Anderson getting a few spanking while Reagan watched a movie and Graham took a nap

  • Dad coming home and taking everyone out to eat

  • Running by Grannymom's to see Zach and Josh for a few minutes before going to bed

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