Dennie Kids: July 5, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Graham not sleeping well in the bathroom last night-maybe the thunder spooked him but after 2 bottles and crying for an hour, he moved to Mom and Dad's bed
  • Graham sleeping so still all night by Mom that she even made sure he was still breathing!
  • Everyone waking up about 10 minutes before breakfast time
  • Breakfast at Grannymom's cabin-the boys loved the cinnamon rolls!
  • Watching everyone pack up their cars and getting a little sad about leaving-Reagan said that she wanted to stay for 90 nights next time
  • Sitting in the car watching a movie while Mom and Dad unpacked and cleaned up the van
  • Lunch and then afternoon naps
  • Playing around the house until supper time
  • Mom and Dad were so ready to continue the holiday that they took us out to eat in 2 cars (we had taken the car seats out of the van and were washing them)
  • Supper at Genghis Grill and then playing camel and hotel until bedtime

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