Graham's First Birthday and Dennie Kids: July 29, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here to today's pictures)
  • Reagan and Anderson singing Happy Birthday to Graham first thing this morning
  • Playing puzzles, fire trucks and train most of the morning
  • A morning nap for Graham while Reagan and Anderson made Graham's first birthday cake
  • Lunch with Dad and then a quick afternoon nap
  • Playing with Cash at Rock Creek-Graham had a blast and tried to keep up with Reagan and Anderson, Reagan and Anderson enjoyed getting to play with Cash and the first 30 minutes we were the only ones there
  • Waiting on Dad outside-the weather was perfect
  • Watching the pizza man drive by our house a few times before finally stopping-Graham ate as much as Anderson. But Reagan is my pizza girl-she gobbled it down
  • Watching Mom and Dad's wedding video and naming all of the people they saw-they could still tell who they were even though everyone was skinnier and had more hair!
  • Wearing birthday hats and singing to Graham again while helping him blow out his candles
  • Changing into our pajamas and then watching one last movie before bedtime

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