Dennie Kids: July 31, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here to today's pictures)
  • Reagan and Anderson spending the morning while Graham was at the Nutrition Center
  • Graham having a great time in the brain lab-no, not really. We get to go back and do it again
  • 24 pounds and 13 ounces is what Graham weighs. He is over 29 inches long and has a big head like his brother and sister
  • Reagan and Anderson making star cupcakes with Grannymom-Reagan has been on a big cake making kick and that is all that she wants to talk about
  • Shopping for Graham some shoes with Nonna-the top of his feet are so big, he wears a huge size for his age
  • Afternoon naps for everoyne while Mom worked in the kitchen
  • Putting on our bathing suits and waiting on Dad to come home
  • Eating supper and then patiently waiting on Dad to finish his food so everyone could swim
  • Swimming until almost dark and heading home to get into bed-a big day tomorrow!

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