Dennie Kids: July 25, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here to today's pictures)
  • Saturday: our favorite day
  • Graham waking up early and wanting breakfast before everyone else was ready to eat
  • An early morning trip to the post office and grocery store
  • Graham taking a morning nap while Reagan and Anderson watched a few movies
  • Lunch and then everyone playing together happily-they played so well that Mom and Dad were able to work on the next trip: We will do something fun for Reagan (butterfly conservatory) and something fun for the boys (spend the night in a train car hotel)
  • A nap for the boys while Reagan went to Elise's birthday party
  • Reagan played and talked to Elise and Elizabeth and wanted to go where they were going-Mom still had to "catch" her at the bottom of every slide
  • Watching Dad mow the yard after a quick supper-then the lawnmower broke and then he ran out of gas!
  • A shower for Reagan and baths for the boys
  • A few books before bed

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