Dennie Kids: July 23, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here to today's pictures)
  • Heading to Nonna and Pop's house early this morning
  • Graham spending most of the day in Pop's lap since he didn't feel all that great-runny nose and a little cough and maybe a bit of fever
  • Eating popsicles from Beebee
  • Coming home and taking a nap-everyone is still sleepy
  • Movies and playing robot after nap
  • Leftovers for supper and then more "carpet time" for Reagan and Anderson (which means go play and let Mom and Dad have a break)
  • Graham using Anderson's bike to climb on top of the train table! He can no longer be left unattended
  • Baths for everyone-Reagan spent her time trying to catch stuff floating in the tub, Anderson enjoyed laying down in the tub and Graham has to wait until they are washed up before he gets in so he gets a little antsy before he gets to get in
  • Pictures from last week - click here! The kids had a blast last week while we were in Ireland. The park, shopping, swimming, out to eat, school, church, playing outside and lots of other stuff. They stayed so busy and hardly ever missed us!

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