Ireland - Day 8

July 20, 2009 (don't click here for pictures today-we didn't take any) We spent the night in the Holiday Inn Express in Dublin near the airport. We woke up around 6 and were ready to get downstairs and have the traditional Holiday Inn Express breakfast-hot cinnamon rolls. Oh, after days in Ireland we could taste them coming down the elevator. But surprise, surprise, there were no delicious cinnamon rolls there. We did however have croissants, yogurt, toast and juice. It was alright but we were pretty disappointed about those cinnamon rolls.

The shuttle bus took us right to the airport and dropped us off and after a 10 mile hike we checked in and passed security. We always get nervous at security-especially in a foreign country-and we are good guys. The plane ride from Dublin to Chicago was on time and smooth. We were in the middle again and the guy beside me was a little too close for comfort-stealing my arm rest. The flight was 7.5 hours and it seemed a little like it. Most of it did go by fairly fast with 2 meals to eat and lots of drinks.

After landing, we rushed passed lots of people. I had heard that every 20 people you pass on the way to customs you save 10 minutes. We must have passed a bunch of people because we were in and out of border patrol and customs in no time and headed back through security. We tried to catch an earlier flight home but it was full so we had to wait for our flight. In the meantime, we bought some popcorn and had supper a Chili's. The flight from Chicago to home was fairly smooth even though it was a little windy out. The captain never even turned off the seatbelt sign so needless to say when we landed I had to rush off to the bathroom! Our trip was wonderful and we would highly recommend Ireland to anyone. But we were glad to home and hug our kiddos! (who didn't really seem to miss us that much!)

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