Dennie Kids: July 26, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here to today's pictures)
  • Another Sunday morning-Reagan and Anderson enjoy Sunday school and Graham does not and lets everyone know about it!
  • Lunch at Nonna and Pop's house. BBQ, Anderson and Reagan have convinced themselves that they don't like it. If one says they don't like something (usually Reagan) then the other won't eat any (usually Anderson). Graham loves it and ate more than the others combined
  • Afternoon naps for everyone-even Mom and Dad
  • Back to church tonight for a concert. Anderson came in to see them sing for a few minutes (Reagan was on the playground) He sat so still just watching everything and loved clapping at the end of songs.
  • French fries after church from Wendys
  • Getting to stay up late and play (pull out all of the toys and make a huge mess) while Mom and Dad cooked up some meals for the next week or two

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