July 22, 2009: Surprise Ultrasound

(click here for pictures) After having my AFP test before we left on vacation, I got the dreaded call yesterday that my numbers were off. My odds were increased for Down Syndrome so the nurse called (and left a message) to let us know. At first our appointment with the specialist was going to be next week, but God intervened and our appointment was moved to today at 8. We arrived and waited and waited before being called back. Once we were in the back, the doctor did the ultrasound and all of the measurements. Thankfully, everything measured good and he was able to greatly reduce my odds of a Downs baby so that was a huge relief. I called my doctor and they said that we didn't have to go to our regularly scheduled ultrasound. He didn't tell us what the baby was and we didn't ask! So baby IV will be another surprise.

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