Dennie Kids: July 27, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here to today's pictures)
  • After turning on the tv and seeing the AT&T symbol, Anderson said "Jason works there"-and from 630 you do see the sign for AT&T while looking towards Jason's building
  • Graham getting wetter than Mom during Mom's shower-he pulled at the shower curtain and finally fell in. He was drenched and Mom was not happy!
  • Breakfast-our new routine is Graham eats a banana, Reagan has yogurt and Anderson can't decide what to eat until I almost throw him out of the kitchen and then settles on muffin tops
  • Cleaning the house a little and everyone playing happily for the longest time (I thought these days would never come)
  • Dad coming home for lunch-and Anderson throwing a fit and getting a spanking
  • A quick trip to the grocery store (when Mom has coupons she just can't stay away!)-everyone kept all of their tickets and were able to get a juice box!
  • Watching a squirrel out the back window-Reagan first ran to me saying she saw a mouse but it was just a squirrel
  • Afternoon naps for everyone
  • Supper with Dad and then playing cooking with Mom before she left for Bunko
  • Getting every toy out we could find while Mom was gone (Dad LOVES this! - not.)
  • A quick Arthur movie and then to bed
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