Dennie Kids: June 12, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Campbell sleeping all night long which caused Mom to sing the Hallelujah Chorus when she woke up
  • Meeting a bunch of people for breakfast at Ozark Smokehouse-we sat out on the back deck.  It was very pleasant and the kids all sat at their own table.  Campbell was passed around by the grown ups.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham devoured their pancakes, some of Dad’s pancakes, some of his potatoes and even some of his biscuits (we like eating breakfast out)
  • Mom running a quick errand (more on that later too) and then meeting everyone just as they were about to leave.  Since Mom was done early, we were able to go to our next stop-Golf World
  • When we drove up, Graham started shouting “putt putt”-the kids enjoyed it….except for the heat.  Little Campbell’s cheeks were bright red!  After about 8 holes, we stopped for a drink break and then played the last few holes (we skipped some)  After another drink break and bathroom break, we hung around for the door prizes-we even won one! 
  • Coming home and cooling off.  Lots of playing-we even wrecked the house.  After everyone laid down, Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a few minutes.  Campbell was up (Graham had woken her up) so she saw them.  Mom heard Reagan still talking so she was given a naptime reprieve for a few minutes
  • Dad and Reagan finishing their naps and then treadmill time for Mom and Dad, supper, pajamas and picking up a little bit.
  • Happily watching a few movies before bedtime.  Happily, until Graham bit Dad and he was then put to bed!
  • Oh, Anderson did share something profound with us tonight “If you had a flying tractor (lawnmower) that wouldn’t be very good cause you couldn’t cut the grass”

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