Dennie Kids: June 27, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Anderson was delighted to find out that we could have our left over doughnuts for breakfast.  That boy ate 3-he is going to be Mom’s little football player! 
  • Nonna found a dress for Campbell that matched a dress of Reagan’s so we took a few pictures.  Mom even accidently had laid out the same shirts for the boys (blue polo shirts so it was bound to happen).  The girls knew that they looked good!
  • Church and then eating out for lunch.  We ate at Mazzios and after awhile, Graham came running up to Dad asking for money.  Where does a 1 year old learn that?  Once we came home, Reagan got money out of her bank and said she was going to carry it so when we needed it at the game place again.  Mom tried to explain that we weren’t going to need it tonight or tomorrow or even the next day
  • Afternoon naps and then everyone waking up at 2:30-this made Mom slightly panic since that is when we are usually just starting naps.  So she decided that we would hang out at church while Dad was at his meeting.
  • Dropping Dad off, picking up supper and then eating at church (even though everyone said they were still full from the graham crackers).  We read a few library books and even checked out a movie or two.  The highlight was seeing a huge inflatable horse in the hallway-and we drug in up and down and up and down the hall
  • Tonight at the church reception, Anderson, Graham and Reagan took up with one of the Statton twins-they followed her around, held her hand and Graham even gave them both kisses when it was time to go (Mom did encourage him to do this)
  • Coming in and going straight to bed since it was very late-and Mom and Dad were sleepy!

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