Dennie Kids: June 4, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Graham waking up around 5-normally he would
  • have just fussed for a bit and then gone back to sleep but since he was calling for Mom she let him come in their bed.  (Remember he usually wants Dad)
  • Reading a few stories and eating breakfast after getting on our clothes and cutting fingernails (Mom has to cut 80!-It’s a wonder we made it downstairs even in time for breakfast)
  • Everyone picking out quite a few library books at the library-Graham isn’t too selective on what he picks out.  But Reagan finds the pink books or books with girls on the front and Anderson finds all the animal and transportation books
  • Signing up for the Summer Reading club and everyone was given backpacks-which Mom thought would be great to help us carry our zillion books out the car (but they said they said it was too heavy)
  • Playing with water guns and blowing bubbles until naptime-Campbell would just laugh whenever she saw the bubbles
  • Naps and then anxiously awaiting Dad to come home so we could start our family night…Royal Family Night
    • We had decorated our crowns earlier in the day-one for everyone.  (Anderson’s head is almost as large as Dads!)  Reagan and Mom worked the hardest on their crowns.  
    • Also during the day we had hung our royal banner across the living room-very difficult with 3 helpers
    • Reading our scroll from King Dad which invited prince Anderson and prince Graham as well as Princess Reagan and Princess Campbell to the royal feast
    • After donning our royal clothes-ties and crowns for the boys and royal dresses and crowns for the girls, we took our family portrait and then ate our royal feast (pasta-the king and queen are on a royal budget!-actually a royal diet!)
    • Playing pin the Kiss on the Frog-Graham was ready to go first but he did not want to wear the blindfold.  Anderson peeked but Reagan played fair.  I think there was actually a tie!
    • The king had hidden Royal Silver Coins around the den for the Princes and Princess to find.  They quickly found them and were delighted to sit at the table and open them up (amazing what aluminum foil and an Oreo can do!)
    • Watching the King cut open a royal fruit-pineapple.  The king had to twist the “crown” of the pineapple off to cut it so it fit in well with the theme
    • Reagan and Anderson playing Princess Yahtzee with Dad while Mom put pajamas on the Little Prince
    • Everyone else putting on their pajamas and then having surprise Royal visitors-Grannymom, Lilly and Cash-they had rode bikes over and needed a drink
    • Concluding the evening with a Princess movie and some popcorn

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