Dennie Kid: February 2, 2011

A cleaning day!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Graham was the first one up this morning and Anderson was close behind him.  Whatever happened to everyone sleeping until until 7.  All the kids played for quite a long time in Graham’s room this morning…peacefully!
  • After Mom was ready for the day (no one else opted to change out of pajamas) everyone reviewed their Bible verses and we talked about Ground Hog day.  Reagan had talked about it in school yesterday and she was so excited to see if he saw his shadow or not (he did not). 
  • Downstairs for breakfast and then more playing while Mom worked in the kitchen.  Most of the morning was spent playing airplane, making a menu for the airplane and asking about when we could play airplane and eat real food.  Soon enough it was time for lunch-we used those airplane menus and had our lunch on the airplane (except Campbell, she and Mom ate at the table)
  •   After lunch, Mom made everyone do a little bit of cleaning.  Everyone was given a wet sponge and pointed to a spot on the wall to scrub.  They did pretty good-maybe it was just because they enjoyed getting the sponges wet and squeezing it.  Anderson put his sponge down and Campbell grabbed it and started to work-smart cookie.  The highlight was when everyone cleaned the window we had colored on the other day-they even used the cleaning spray-big time stuff
  • Next up was naptime and it didn’t go too well.  Graham got in trouble and had to go to bed early for nap.  He kicked Mom while she was putting on his diaper.  Anyway, he screamed, climbed out of bed and screamed some more until Mom finally gave him some milk.  Then after he slept for awhile, he started screaming again.  Since he wasn’t talking and just screaming, Mom thought he was still asleep and would wait him out.  But soon she heard the door open and out he came.  He slide down the steps and continued to cry in Mom’s lap until Reagan and Anderson woke up.
  • Everyone played their hopscotch twister game and raced to win-which just meant they had to put on their clothes first.  Once everyone was ready and Mom saw Dad was on his way home, she just put everyone in the car and they all sat nicely like good little children and watched a movie in the car! 
  • We picked up supper, ate at church with Nonna and Jason and ate Pops’ lemon bars (delicious).  The kids went to Cubbies-in Graham’s class there were 2 other kid crying so he walked in without a fuss (this made Graham and Reagan very excited).  The boys got to go with Dad to watch the Awana Grand Prix.  Anderson was so glad that he got to go.
  • Back at home, everyone was quick to put on their pajamas but first, everyone put a bit of water outside to see if it freezes tonight.   Fun, fun times

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