Dennie Kids: February 16, 2011

Sometimes you make up
your own games!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The kids went to bed last night without much of a problem (even though they were on Pacific time and it was two hours earlier).  And then they even slept until after 7-oh, how wonderful it was. 
  • Before long, everyone was playing in Graham’s room and I started on the mounds and mounds of laundry.  Campbell played as long as she could and then she was ready to eat. 
  • Downstairs we made our 8 slices of toast-1 for me, 2 for Reagan, Anderson and Graham and 1 for Campbell plus she had all of the leftovers.  Then everyone moved to the den and started playing there.  The kids were pretty calm most of the morning but it didn’t take much for everyone to get fussy when the tiredness kicked in.
  • Reagan and Anderson worked on putting an animal/toy by each letter of their alphabet puzzle.  Anderson stuck with it for awhile but Reagan finished even though it took her forever-had to make horns to make a sheep into a goat, had to make a crown to make a doll into a queen-it was quite a project
  • Nonna came by this morning and everyone enjoyed playing with her.  Campbell was so happy to see her when she woke up.  Nonna brought Nutella and some fruit for lunch and the Nutella was a big hit-especially with Campbell.  Nonna even stuck around for bathtime.
  • Next up was workbooks for Anderson and Reagan while Campbell slept and Graham continuously crawled out of his bed.  He finally went to sleep after a good meeting with the spanking spoon. 
  • Soon it was time to rush around and get ready for church.  The kids were excited to see Pops.  And Graham was excited to see Cubbie bear-and it just so happened that Cubbie said hi to Graham.  And it just so happened that Reagan said Cubbie sounded alot like Robby tonight

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