Dennie Kids: February 1, 2011

Pretty in Pink!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Graham hasn’t fussed 3 mornings in a row now and Dad celebrates every time!  It might have helped that his ride to school was pretty long since Dad had to turn around and go home to find his work badge and then the traffic was pretty bad
  • Reagan, Anderson and Mom made it to school a few minutes early so they watched some of their movie and as they were about to get out of the car the bottom fell out.  Luckily Mom had an umbrella but she still ended up pretty soaked (especially when her car clicker didn’t work when she was trying to get back into the car)
  • Nonna picking up Reagan and Anderson.  They had a Valentine’s party and ate heart donuts and even decorated Valentine’s cookies.  Anderson did more eating than decorating-alot more eating than decorating.  Reagan stuck with it and decorated every last cookie and we finished them off at dinner and they were delicious
  • Mom picked up Campbell who was upset because she didn’t get to walk down the hall to run an errand (she doesn’t realize that she can’t walk!).  She was quick to tell her teachers “bye” as we left-maybe she was mad at them
  • Graham was himself at home this afternoon (this morning he was acting a little bit funny-kind of quiet and it even took him forever to drink his milk)  In the car this afternoon, Graham asked to take his medicine when we got home-this set Mom into a panic asking if his ear hurt.  Later she found out that Dad and Graham had talked about taking his medicine when he came home.
  • Campbell and Graham waited for Reagan and Anderson to come home and when they finally did Graham was so excited.  And soon the house was as loud as a freight train-and it stayed that way all evening.  Grannymom, Grandpa and Cash all came over for supper and the kids were wired. 
  • Everyone had fun playing with Cash and then with Lilly when she came to pick up Cash.  They hid a ball, played spaceship, played with flashlights and a bit of hide n seek.  Mom sure was glad that she had gotten her earplugs for Christmas (ha!) 
  • After everyone left, everyone headed upstairs to go to bed-Campbell was the fusser tonight but soon calmed when Mom handed her her cup of milk.  She never ended up with a drink at supper and must have been pretty thirsty

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