Dennie Kids: February 26, 2011

Yummy drink!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The kids didn’t seem to know that this morning was Saturday.  They were up and climbing in our bed one after the other before 7
  • Jelly sandwiches, waffles and corn dogs on a stick for breakfast.  Then Graham and Mom snuck out (and I do mean snuck) to meet Nonna at Pennys to do a little bit of shopping.  Mom gave Graham a penny as a bribe and on our way home we stopped at Walmart.  We picked up some “candy cereal" (honey nut cheerios) for him along with some other things and he was delighted to “pay” with his money.  The cashier handed him back his “change” after Mom had paid for the rest
  • Back at home, Campbell was snoozing and everyone else was playing in the living room (the den carpet is still damp-eek!)  Mom wasn’t in the mood to make sandwiches for lunch so she made everyone cinnamon toast and it was a delight-such a delight that after seconds there was no more bread left in the kitchen (we can go from 3 loaves to none so quickly)
  • The kids played upstairs until Anderson’s sensor went off and he came downstairs.  His sensor alerted him to Dad and his candy that he had gotten out.  Anderson made sure that everyone knew about the candy so we all ate M&Ms watching a movie until naptime
  • After naptime, Reagan went to Emmie’s birthday party at River City.  Mom forgot her camera but Reagan loved it-climbing, jumping into huge foam pits, swinging on bars, slides with huge drops into the foam pits, trampolines and even dancing.  Reagan decided that she wanted her birthday party there.
  • We picked up the boys, Dad and Campbell and headed to Chick Fil A.  The kids played, ate, played, had their ice cream and then played some more.  Presley and Chase were there also to play-even though the Reagan, Anderson and Graham threesome stuck together. 
  • Back at home it was immediately bedtime for everyone!

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