Disneyland and 26 Rides: February 13, 2011

A Full Cup!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

(Click here for a video of Reagan & Anderson on Matterhorn)

Anderson needed help with his covers at 5 and Robby and I still felt like we had been hit by a bus and needed many, many more hours of sleep.  But that feeling soon vanished when panic set in because Robby couldn’t find Graham.  He wasn’t in our bed with us (the obvious place to look after the past few nights) and he wasn’t in his sleeping bag….he was finally found, way, way down at the bottom of his sleeping bag.  Everyone slept until we had to wake them up after around 7 to get ready.  They weren’t too interested in getting ready but Grannymom had sent little presents for everyone so that hurried a few up.  They were all delighted to open socks (well, Anderson wasn’t-he said “I didn’t want no socks,” laid them down and crawled back in his sleeping bag).  Graham on the other hand, put his socks on and said that he was going to show them to Tinkerbell.

The park opened at 8 and we were outside of our room around 7:30.  We knew we didn’t have time to eat at the hotel breakfast so Robby just ran down the block to pick up McDonalds.  Once he came back, we rushed to the line to wait for the opening of Disneyland.  I folded everyone’s pancakes and they ate while we strolled/raced to our first stop.

Oh, it so pays to be at the parks when it opens-we had finished riding things 9 times before 9.  We were on the second ride of Dumbo and were able to ride it twice.  Oh, the kids love rides but Campbell is a squirmy little thing on them.  She did enjoy Dumbo probably the best out of all of the rides today.  The next stop was Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.  We all rode it twice and then Reagan and Anderson wanted to do it again.  Graham didn’t because it was pretty noisy so he stayed back with Robby and Campbell.  Next up was Alice in Wonderland followed by the Teacups (I don’t like those but the kids have always wanted to do them). 
My favorite ride today was the Storybook Land.  It is similar to the Jungle Cruise with someone on the boat narrating but it goes through these little miniature villages from stories.  It was so impressive and the plants and mini trees were very interesting.  I could have definitely done it again.  The kids are tall enough to ride the Matterhorn Bobsled (the big 3 kids) and they rode it twice and loved every minute of it.  A Disney person heard Robby and I talking about the line, who to take and all of the other logistics and he offered us a parent switch pass and we saved that baby to use later in the day when the line was crazy long. 

We then opened up Toontown when it opened at 10.  The kids went right to Goofy Go Coaster and rode it 3 times.  Graham really enjoyed this and called it the “chippy roller coaster”-it was near Chip and Dale’s house so maybe that is why.  We then walked through Donald’s boat and Mickey’s house.  I am sure that was had a snack, or two or three sometime by now.  It seemed like all we did was eat today.  I had enough snacks with me but I didn’t have enough drinks (I am bringing an ice chest to Disney in May-somebody remind me).  Robby eventually had to buy a few cokes.  In the sun it was hot today but in the shade it was pleasant.  When you were in the shade you almost needed a light coat.   

We had a fastpass for the Autotopia and since Campbell can’t go on it we had to take turns taking Reagan, Anderson and Graham.  The fastpass cut off some time in the line but not very much so it took at least 30 minutes per ride.  Anderson and Robby were first and Anderson was worried that his car was having problems because it wasn’t going as fast as he thought it should.  Graham and I were next.  That boy stood in line clutching his driver’s license (they had given him one).  He took it all so seriously and really thought he was driving that car.  Reagan and I were next and she had the best time-even though I think she thought it was go carts that we were going to do.  Meanwhile, the boys, Robby and Campbell went to see the Innoventions.  Anderson was chosen from the crowd to play the piano and he must have really gotten in to it.  Later they went to a room to hear someone tell the story of Peter Pan.  Anderson was able to shoot a cannon but Campbell crawled to the front of the stage and just sat there.  She is definitely going to have a stage presence-she was so proud of herself too.

We had a fastpass for the Roger Rabbit ride and used it before heading back to the hotel for lunch and a rest.  It was nearly 1:30 so we were getting tired.  Robby grabbed lunch at Quiznos (oh, it is so nice to have all of these places on the same block-Walt Disney didn’t like the commercialization around Disneyland but I sure do!)  He came back to the room and we ate and then everyone laid down.  Campbell, Dad, Anderson finally and I all took a nap.  Graham was asleep when we came back from the park so he just continued his nap in the stroller.  Reagan never went to sleep but she did help Graham find his foxy and taggie and find his way into my bed when he woke up from the stroller.

Soon everyone was up (except Robby) and going strong.  I went to take a shower and when Robby woke up he couldn’t find me and had to come looking for me.  Reagan knew where I was but he didn’t believe her-he probably thought that I was just continuing my nap on the bathroom floor (trust me, I had thought about it).  We went back to the park a bit before 5.  I just reheated the kids leftover sandwiches from lunch and they ate the on the stroller ride to the park.  Graham immediately said he didn’t want his but I told him to just hold it and when we made it to the park it was gone. 

Back at Disneyland, we first rode the train all around the park.  Then we were off to ride the Matterhorn Bobsled again using our pass.  And let me tell you, the pass really helped.  They were on and off in no time.  We used our last fastpass for the Roger Rabbit ride and then were surprised that the Small World ride had a short line so we did it one last time.  Campbell was all into it tonight.  She clapped, shook her head, waved-she was taking cues from Reagan who was in the front seat singing her heart out. 

We had really finished most of what we wanted to do, so we hopped across the street to California Adventure.  We haven’t been there and didn’t know where we were going and ended up in the middle of crazy loud music, dancing people and almost a bar type scene.  We found the first place we could escape to get a plan and thought we were going to the Monster’s Inc show like at Disneyworld but it was a ride.  We rode it twice and then made our way back through the mosh pit outside and found Flik’s flyers.  They were little hot air balloon swings and the kids loved it.  Right near there was the Ladybugs (another teacup type thing but much faster-bleh!)   We rode it 2 times and they could have gone all night on that-I could not have though!.  Then there were bumper cars and we had to take turns because of Campbell.  Since the park was closing pretty soon I was a little worried that all 3 of our riders would get their turn but they did and everyone was very happy. 

Reagan said that she had a to go the bathroom but there was one ride right next to the others.  I begged her to just wait (I knew she could) and she did so tearfully (don’t feel that bad-keep reading…)  We rode the last ride in the area-the Catepillar and Reagan had so much fun on it that she wanted to ride it again (see, she didn’t have to go that badly).  By now it was 9 and the park was closing but we still had one more stop to make-the bathroom.  We then walked by the World of Color presentation but pressed  on since Robby had promised everyone ice cream.

We finally found our way out of the park and since Cold Stone is right beside our hotel, we thought we deserved a treat.  The kids are tired so that explains what Reagan was mad she didn’t get her own, Anderson was mad he didn’t get blue and then was mad that he didn’t get chocolate (but never asked to switch) and Graham was made when I switched his with Anderson’s ice cream.  That was fine with me and Robby-we ended up eating most of theirs.  They were all fine and happy when they got back to the room and had their milk and a cookie.  It didn’t take long for everyone to fall asleep and hopefully, we will have another restful night.

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