Valentine’s at Disney: February 14, 2011

The boys planning our last day at Disney.
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

The alarm clock was the first thing making any noise in the hotel room this morning-even though we slept in an hour later than yesterday since the parks were opening later.  We got dressed, packed up and headed over to eat breakfast at the hotel’s continental breakfast.  It was pretty light but the kids enjoyed the powdered donuts, Robby had a cinnamon roll and I had a bagel with cream cheese.  After Robby finished and while the kids were filling up on Fruit Loops, he went to load up the car.  Once he was back we headed across the street to Disneyland.

I can’t explain enough how perfect our hotel is.  Seriously, you walk out of our hotel right to the cross walk which leads to the Disneyland sign.  It was the perfect place.  Anyway, the park opened at 9 and we were at the gates walking through before 9.  We were on Main Street when the dropped the rope and booked it to the Nemo Submarine ride.  We were on the first submarine and Reagan was really into it.  When the lights blinked and it was like the sub was having problems, she looked at me with a slight panic and then smiled realizing it was just pretend.  Graham kept his eyes behind Robby’s back most of the time and Anderson just starred out the window. 

Since the lines were short, the 3 roller coaster riders and Robby rode the Matterhorn again.  But a little before 10, we left Disneyland and walked across the street to California Adventure.  They opened at 10 and we made is just as they were opening at well.  It was pretty cool opening both parks today (it pays to be at places when they open).  We had seen a huge Ferris Wheel last night and wanted to try to ride on it.  When we made it there (and it was a very long walk pushing a 20 pound stroller plus 60-80 pounds of kids).  We were in a crowd of people walking over but they all veered off to the Toy Story ride.  We like that ride and all but it wasn’t worth an hours wait-they don’t have many fast passes here.  When we made it to the Ferris Wheel we weren’t sure if it was open-but sure enough it was.  We were the first ones on it.  It was pretty cool being up so high and seeing the park but the swinging part of the Ferris Wheel was wild.  It wasn’t huge swinging but sometimes we would really swing-enough that I was grabbing for the kids. 

After that there was a fish themed carousel and we rode it.  The carousels must be Campbell’s favorite rides.  She was really putting on a show today during the ride.  We then walked over to the other side of the park to use our Disney Visa card and get a private meet and greet with Disney characters.  At Disneyworld, the meet and greet included Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy all at once.  So we were talking it up big to the kids and had even told them that Mickey would be there.  When we arrived and turned the corner, we saw who was there-Chip and Dale.  I like Chip and Dale and all but they were not what I was expecting.  Robby and I were pretty disappointed since we had even bypassed Mickey and Minnie yesterday because we would see them today.  But the kids weren’t disappointed at all.  Reagan exclaimed “Chip and Dale!  We have never seen them!” 

We had our pictures made with them and then rode the Monster’s Inc ride again and then made our way back to the other side of the park so Robby could use his fast pass for the super big roller coaster.  I parked the kids where we could see him as he took off-they thought it was really cool.  Well, except for Graham who stood behind me the whole time with his hands covering his ears-he just doesn’t like loud noises at all.  Then we rode the fish carousel one more time and walked back over to Disneyland.  I tell you, I feel like we walked more today before lunch than we did during all of yesterday.

Robby had gotten parent switch thing at the Matterhorne and they did that while Campbell and I sat in the shade.  It was warm in the sun but when we were in the shade, I had to put on my jacket.  Anyway, I saw Robby once on the ride and started looking for the kids to come running back but then I thought I saw Robby flash by again on the ride.  Well, sure enough I did.  They had to do something to their car (probably inspect the brakes! ha!) so they asked if they wanted to ride again and of course they did.  Oh, well, Graham didn’t want to ride again.  Even though he really loved it he kept trying to tell Robby that he wanted off.
Graham must get his skittishness from Anderson.  Anderson would say every time he got off of the roller coaster that it was scary and he didn’t want to do it again but every time he was the first one to push his way into the car.  On the Ferris Wheel, he tried to convince us that he was “scared of heights” and he would scream and fake scream each time our car would swing.  Reagan is my rider.  She is already planning on growing so she can ride on all of the rides.  She has no fears when it comes to rides and would go on anything in a heartbeat. 

We took a picture in front of the castle and then walked by and bought a special Valentine’s day snack-frozen lemonade.  They each had their own so that made it really special.  We just sat on a bench near the front gate and watched everyone stream in (all the while wondering where they had been all morning long).  We then pottied up, walked across the street and hopped in the car for our drive back to Vegas. 
The GPS wasn’t cooperating at first and I just looked at the map and told Robby where to go-thankfully, the GPS came on in time to set us straight.  I did have us going to Phoenix and not Vegas.  I wonder how we ever made it before the GPS.  We drove for quite awhile-probably until about 5 and saw a sign for an In-N-Out Burger.  The plan had been to eat at one in Vegas but that would have made it too late for supper so we stopped there.  Robby had been craving an In-N-Out Burger since we touched down in Vegas so he finally got it and it was the perfect Valentine’s meal.  The kids must know something good because Robby had to buy another burger for them since they devoured theirs. 

Back in the car, we drove without stopping until we made it to Vegas around 7:45.  We filled up the tank, found our hotel which is so close to the airport that I duck every time I hear a plane.  Our room is on the first floor and right by the door-seriously, would could be more perfect.  As Robby and I unpacked, packed and repacked, the kids enjoyed Valentine’s cupcakes.  Anderson said that it was the best Valentine’s ever-cupcakes are the way to the boys heart!  Tomorrow we have an early morning so goodnight!

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