Dennie Kids: February 22, 2011

Two Future Cooks int he kitchen!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • School morning today and we even got up early enough for everyone to watch Jake and the Pirates-the new tv show obsession.  Mom has been trying to convince someone to have a pirate themed birthday party but she has gotten no takers
  • Anderson and Reagan walked right in to their class.  Campbell smiled when she saw Ms. Clarice and poor Graham, well he didn’t do too well.  When Mom picked him up, he told her “I no get special treat, maybe next time, I fuss today”-Grannymom mentioned having a special treat for him if he didn’t fuss.  She better have it ready because he will plan on picking it up the first day he doesn’t fuss!
  • Reagan and Anderson spending the afternoon with Nonna and her neighbors.  They played so hard that Anderson had holes in both of his knees-big old holes.  Mom finally knows what all of these other mothers always talk about their boys not being able to have nice pants
  • Back at home, Graham got a haircut and then a bath and even walked some on the treadmill while Campbell had her nap.  He then anxiously awaited Pops to come over and see him.  Nonna and Pops came by and dropped off a few lollipops from Beebee and Papaw
  • We played around while the manicotti cooked and then the highlight of the meal was girl scout cookies!  The kids cleaned their plates in hopes that they would get lots of cookies.  And they did-Campbell probably ate the most because she stayed at the table eating everyone’s crumbs
  • The kids played until Dad mentioned watching our trip pictures on the tv and they all came and sat on the couch for awhile until they lost interest.  Soon it was bedtime and everyone to went to bed quietly except for one-you guess who!

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