Dennie Kids: February 27, 2011

Assume the Television Watching Position!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Church morning and we are still surviving without bread so making the standard toast and jelly does get a little bit complicated.  We survived and didn’t even have to stop at Burger King
  • We were running late to church but made it before the service started and Reagan sat quietly as always and finally started drawing the flags from Mom’s bracelet
  • Graham’s class was were Mom and Dad were this morning and that was a pretty wild class with only 9 in there.  We were glad when the last parents came….a little after 12:15!
  • Then straight to Grannymom and Grandpa’s house for lunch.  The highlight for the big kids was watching Grannymom’s birthday windmill spin quickly in the breeze.  Campbell did knock her plate on the floor when she saw Mom didn’t have her juice and only had Graham juice.  It was as accident but Mom quickly found her something to drink
  • Everyone had a chance to swing and then we all came home for naps.  Sundays most be hard because Reagan and Anderson fell asleep this afternoon.  Of course, Mom had to start waking everyone up at 4, changing clothes and rushing around.  We did managed to get everyone changed and downstairs for a snack by 4:24.  That is 4 minutes per person-not bad!  Of course, a few of the kids looked like they had only 4 minutes spent on them!
  • We skipped out on big church and swung by Taco Bell for supper.  The kids gobbled up their cheese roll ups and then helped clean.  Mom and Dad worked on putting the carpet back down in the den (hopefully, there isn’t another downpour tonight).  Then we moved upstairs to pick up (the house was a wreck).  If Graham or Anderson has a small task they can do it.  But Anderson is worthless when it comes to picking up if the room is trashed.  Mom has to tell him exactly what to do: pick up the dishes, put them in the box, stand up….makes her crazy!
  • A movie before bed-even though it was already late.  Mom made the mistake of mentioning bunk beds for the boys soon and that opened up and long discussion.  Anderson wanted to make sure he would sleep on the top, Graham said he was going to sleep on the bottom but would call it the top, Reagan said that she would need a new not blue clock for the girls room.  The only way to get Graham to stop talking about it was for Mom to tell him that she was going to buy bunk beds tonight (maybe he will forget…ha!)

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