Dennie Kids: February 7, 2011

Is my nose flat?
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Everyone was up and getting ready early this morning-Reagan and Dad were heading to school and work while Campbell, Graham, Anderson and Mom were heading to the Wonderplace (and no, Reagan was not pleased with having to go to school)
  • As soon as we walked in the door at Wonderplace, Anderson was off and Graham was not far behind him.  Anderson enjoyed the trains and sand.  Whenever Mom would find him, he would say “are you looking for me?”  Graham really wanted Mom to play with him and he enjoyed playing with the horses and little stable.  Campbell, who got a little wet playing in the water thanks to Graham), enjoyed the baby area.  At one time, Campbell was with everyone else and then crawled across the entire building to get back to the baby area (and no, Mom had no clue where she was)
  • Reagan did enjoy her day at school-it was birthday bash day.  So there were games, cupcakes and even a movie.  She even made Valentine hats for her brothers and sister
  • Everyone was back at home for lunch and soon it was time to pack a few things.  Mom told the kids they could earn some candy if they stayed downstairs and played quietly while Mom packed.  They did very, very well.  Mom heard her name once and then heard Reagan telling Graham to not call Mom.  Reagan even moved Anderson so she could sit by Graham and help him with the stickers they were working on.  She wanted to make sure they earned that chocolate candy-and they did.
  • After the candy, everyone watched a movie.  Mom was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to pack.  She would have been in a frenzy if she would have known that there is a tiny, tiny chance they may leave tomorrow (keep your fingers crossed).  Soon it was nap time and Reagan and Anderson worked on their workbooks.  Reagan is also working on her reading book and doing good.  Some of her words today were: girl, there, chicks, then, bit, big, bug, sent
  • Soon everyone was up and working on packing our carry ons when Dad came on.  We had supper and then more playing.  Mom bribed everyone again with more candy if they helped pick up before bedtime-and they did.  Mom needs to go to the store and buy some more candy.

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