Dennie Kids: February 18, 2011

We love when friends
come to visit!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • We were up and moving early this morning but we didn’t make it downstairs for breakfast until after 9.  Graham had already heard talk about cinnamon rolls and wanted them for breakfast-I had to show him the dough in the fridge and explain that we still had to make them.
  • The kids played in the den-it was a mess and couldn’t get much worse.  I worked in the kitchen while refereeing their arguments.  Tattling has gotten to be very big around here.  Graham even tattles-it is kind of cute when he does it-but maddening when everyone else does
  • Nonna came over for a bit while I cleaned and ran to work for a few minutes.  When I made it home, it was time for lunch.  The kids devoured Nonna’s fruit and Campbell really liked her strawberries (she didn’t eat them last time)
  • After lunch, I loaded everyone into the car and ran to Sams to buy a few gallons of milk.  Nonna stayed in the car with the kids while I ran in and grabbed my 8 gallons and a bunch of bananas
  • Back at home, it was rest time and you know people are tired when Graham was asking to go to bed.  I had Reagan read for Nonna and it didn’t go so well.  She almost hyperventilated!  Quite frustrating for me since she just read the same thing yesterday-I guess having an audience put her over the edge.
  • Everyone rested and then woke up for a snack or two while watching a movie.  Later, Anderson was playing in the den and looked up and said “I think someone’s here.”  Sure enough Jacob and Ethan were here and soon Kennedy, Camryn and Laynie arrived. 
  • The kids had a blast playing together.  The girls split up and the boys do as well.  Except that Anderson would rather play with the girls so he gets his feeling hurt when they don’t want to play.  But they all still had fun.  Campbell entertained Reagan, Kennedy and Camryn by stealing their drinks and eating their food.  They thought that was hysterical. 
  • After everyone left, we made everyone pick up and everyone made it to bed by 10.  I think they are exhausted.

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