Dennie Kids: February 28, 2011

Baker in training!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • School morning for Reagan and her and Dad made it nearly on time.  Meanwhile, back at home, the boys, Campbell and Mom cleaned upstairs and half of them even put on clothes
  • Anderson cried (real tears) when he realized that Grannymom’s cake was gone and he couldn’t have any for breakfast (it has been gone for days).  Mom thought fairly quick and everyone made tiny individual cakes and that topped with a spoonful of icing dried up his tears
  • The boys seemed to be obsessed with puzzles and games when Reagan is gone.  This is fairly hard for Mom because she had to corral Campbell so she doesn’t eat their pieces.  We worked puzzles, built a lincoln log cabin, played dominoes and another game.  They finally sat down to watch a movie as Reagan and Dad came in.
  • Reagan had been waiting for weeks to see a new Mickey Mouse show and it was finally on today.  As soon as she came in, she watched her movie while Campbell supervised Mom making lunch.
  • Campbell has been a fussy little girl today-when she doesn’t get her way, she has arched her back and had an all out fit.  Poor thing-too bad no one seems to notice when this happens.  She got so hot once today that Mom thought she would have a heat stroke!
  • We reviewed our Cubbie verses, read a story, worked on workbooks and Reagan’s reading before naptime.  Mom had Reagan and Anderson get up early so they could make one of the recipes that Reagan had picked out from her cookbook.  We made homemade bread with honey butter.  Thankfully, it turned out-Mom was sweating the yeast stuff.
  • Graham woke up in time to stir up the butter and after Campbell had a bite, she was quick to show Dad where it was and point and grunt until she was given another taste.  Everyone ate up their spaghetti and then were pleased to eat the bread they had worked so hard on.
  • Next up was a quick grocery store run.  We had been out of bread for days…probably a week.  Reagan was so happy that we were buying some.  Everyone else was happy because they had a cookie in their hand from the sample box.  We rushed through the story trying to finish before the cookies were gone but we didn’t make it!

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