Dennie Kids: February 3, 2011

Lego Time!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Anderson was the first to wake up this morning-he had a little too much to drink last night and woke up a little too late.  But it didn’t take him long to settle into Mom’s bed.  Of course he wanted to tell Mom that “m says mmm and n says nnn” and he kept going and going.  Normally, Mom would be proud but this morning she just covered her head with the pillow
  • We had froze our water last night and the kids remembered and were quite surprised that the water had turned into ice.  I mean they were really surprised.  Everyone dumped their ice out and started licking it.  Graham cared more about his pieces of ice than his poptart.
  • Graham did great again today at school dropoff.  Though he was sleeping when Mom picked him up and things didn’t go too well from there.  He did fine walking out until we made it to the door then he started screaming, kicking and hanging onto the two bags.  So Mom carried Campbell, two lunchboxes and the two bags which Graham was hanging onto out to the car in 12 degree temperature.  (and Mom parks in a real parking spot-not under the drive thru or in the handicap spots-Mom follows the rules and does not think she is better than the other mothers-but that is a blog post for another time)
  • Campbell on the other hand had a great time at school.  Her teachers said that they took her walking in the hallway and she enjoyed it.  Tonight a church teacher told Mom that she is so glad Campbell was in her class (at church) because she is always great. 
  • Reagan and Anderson had a good day at school.  Reagan said that she didn’t get to tell Ms. Stacy about the groundhog not seeing his shadow (somebody else beat her to it).  When Mom asked Anderson about what his favorite part was he said “nothing” but then agreed that it was when Grannymom picked him up. 
  • Back at home, Mom had grand plans of doing laundry, making supper and baking cornbread.  But she ended up making chocolate milk, playing Hungry Hippos, playing some caterpillar game, playing the music for musical chairs (a hoot to watch 3 sibling play-if only Campbell had been up to crawl around too). 
  • And finally, the grand finale of the afternoon was watching and helping narrate the “Three Little Pigs” story.  Reagan was in charge but her and Anderson worked to make 3 pig homes-out of 2 chairs (brick house), out of pillows (straw house), out of coats (stick house).  The kids would take turns being the wolf and being the pigs.  The wolf would huff and puff and blow the house down, the pig would run to the next house and finally the wolf climbed through the chimney of the brick house and the pigs would eat the wolf up.  Good crazy times!
  • Finally, Mom was able to make supper and wake up Campbell.  Graham wasn’t done with Mom playing and kept asking for her to play motorcycle with him since she couldn’t Dad was able to play after Mom left for class meeting
  • The kids played most of the evening and then watched and movie and went to bed.  It was a good day and now everyone is looking forward to possible snow tomorrow

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