Dennie Kids: February 21, 2011

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Dad took Reagan to school today (and Mom forgot to have her wear her “Reagan for President” shirt on President’s Day)  She made a last minute pick to take a candy box instead of a chip box since they are learning about the letter x and needed to bring a box
  • Back at home, the boys and Campbell played upstairs while Mom tried to clean.  Then everyone headed downstairs for breakfast.  After breakfast, Graham wanted to play with the fuzzoodles so they sat at the table and worked on those for a long while.  Next up was writing with Mom’s pens.  Campbell even had a few crayons to eat.
  • Candyland Castle was the next item on the agenda.  The boys played very well together-so well that Mom was able to sweep while they played.  Campbell took a nap and the boys decided to play another game: Candyland.  This was Graham’s first time to play and probably Anderson’s first time to actually finish the game.  Mom couldn’t believe it.  They did great (with lots of help and redirection from Mom)
  • By this time, Dad arrived home from the doctor (bronchitis and a broken wrist) and also dropped off the van back at the shop.  Grannymom and Grandpa brought Dad back from the car shop and when they left, they took Anderson for a spin around the block.  Mom left with Graham to pick up Reagan and meanwhile, Anderson helped Dad fix the mini fridge and even got to use the drill-oh, what fun!
  • When Mom picked up Reagan, Ms. Stacy tried to put Carter in the car.  He looked nice enough and Mom was willing to take him.  Ms. Stacy had also seen Reagan on the news the other night.  Anyway, as soon as Reagan got in the car and saw Graham, she said “is Anderson sick?”  Thought that was a funny question. 
  • Back at home, everyone had lunch and then lots of playtime and more fuzzoodle playing.  Soon it was naptime and everyone took a good rest.  Dad even commented about how well Mom has Anderson and Reagan trained to stay in their room for well over an hour
  • When everyone woke up, they had their snack which Mom had laid out for them (she had made cookies for ill Dad).  Anderson asked if Mom made them all by herself-she did.  After a few movies it was supper time and Bunko time for Mom. 
  • Reagan worked on her drawing of Jake and the Pirates-amazing recall of details.  Campbell spent her time trying to pull down the lamp while the boys played and played (which means made a mess!)

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