I Not on a Trip Anymore: February 15, 2011

Headed home after 2580 flight miles
and 910 driving miles!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

We knew the alarm would sound early and it surely did.  We were able to get everyone ready, zip up the last few things and load the car in about 45 minutes.  We even drank a few juice boxes and grabbed some muffins from the hotel breakfast.  The muffins must have been pretty good because they devoured them before we made it to the airport-and that was pretty impressive since we were at the airport as soon as we left the hotel parking lot!

Robby dropped us off and we sat inside and watched the bags go down the conveyor belt and we even had another juice box to drink.  I had bought too many and had some left and was afraid to put them in my suitcase and couldn’t take them on our carryon.  Robby was back in no time and we ventured towards security.  Security is the most stressful part of traveling but since the kids are getting bigger it is becoming easier.  They all put their shoes in the bin and Reagan was responsible for the shoe bin, Anderson pushed one bin with a computer and Graham pushed another and they all worked at pushing the other luggage through.  I then walked everyone through the scanner thing as Robby finished taking down strollers and pushing everything threw.  I turned around to see the security lady talking to him and it turns out that she was complimenting him.  She said that most fathers they see don’t help their wives and it was nice to see.  Seriously though, how could he not help-4 kids, 2 strollers, 6 bags, 1 bin of shoes, 1 of medicines/Campbell’s milk and 2 more filled with computers.  I still wonder why people sigh when they get behind us in the security line!  Ha!

The gate was right there and we were there in time to look out the window, potty, take all of our toys out, go on a walk and even have a snack of pretzels.  Campbell was busy crawling off but Robby shook the bag of pretzels at her and she came back as quick as she could.  We boarded the plane and had the same seats as last time-the very, very back. 

The girls sat with me and the boys with Robby.  Campbell was very squirmy and almost impossible to hold.  I finally buckled her in the seat next to us and was able to get our candy necklaces out.  I had the stuff to make candy necklaces on our trip there but never had the chance so we made them today.  Anderson did his without any problem, I made Graham’s for him and Reagan made hers but then her pattern didn’t end right so she started over.  Then when she handed it over to Robby to tie, he dropped it.  Fortunately, I had another one so she was able to make hers-just took 3 tries. 

Next up were drinks and snacks.  And Graham managed to spills his-even with a lid on it.  Poor boy was drenched and all he could say was “sorry mommy”  His pants were pretty quick drying so he dried off nicely and I gave him some of my drink.  The snacks were plentiful and Robby just sat Campbell on the floor and she sat there and ate hers.  Reagan worked a few puzzles and Campbell finally went to sleep.  Before long, we were beginning our descent when Graham started screaming “I see Little Rock, I see Little Rock.”  And by the end of the evening he was just saying, "I not on a trip anymore."

Grandpa was there to pick us up and we were glad to see him and we were also glad to see all of our suitcases/carseats.  We loaded down the car-let’s just say it was loaded down with stuff-I couldn’t even put my feet on the floor.  We dropped Grandpa off at his house and shoved the kids out too and drove away quickly!  Robby and I were able to unpack and start the laundry before he ran to buy some milk and I went to pick the kids back up.

They had a blast playing with Grannymom, Grandpa and Cash.  And no one was too happy when I said it was time to go home.   Robby got home about the same time that we did and we ate our pizza and then all headed outside to play.  Campbell enjoyed her swing, Graham was happy wondering around and Reagan and Anderson spent their time gathering pinecones (which they called Racoons since they couldn’t remember the word pinecone) and then putting them up in the treehouse.  Robby read the paper and I well, I plotted about how to get rid of the dog!

Back inside the kids put on pajamas and watched a movie.  Graham came downstairs and sat by me and Robby and before long his eyes were closed.  After putting him in bed, I picked up Campbell and she laid her head down so to bed she went-all before 7.  Reagan and Anderson watched one more movie and then they were off to bed too.

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