Dennie Kids: February 24, 2011

Cook in training!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • School day and the boys were up by 6:45.  Dad still had to wake Reagan up to get ready.  Quickly dressed and then breakfast on the couch and a quick Disney tv show
  • Graham is still waiting to get his special gift from Grannymom for not fussing when he goes into class; Dad really thought he was going to do it today but at the last minute turned on the big fuss; Campbell goes in fine and Mom has no trouble dropping Reagan and Anderson
  • Reagan was excited to take a 'transportation' item to class today - they were discussing different forms of transportation and were to big an object and let people guess the form of transportation.  Having recently returned from Las Vegas and Disney, Reagan thought of her monorail rides so she borrowed Anderson's monorail.  She said her item was the only one not guessed by classmates.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa picked up Reagan & Anderson for an afternoon of playing and snacks
  • Mom hurried to get Campbell and Graham before the storms set in; picked up the big kids and made it home before the rain
  • Mom did a little baking, with lots of help from the kids, in anticipation of Grannymom's birthday tomorrow 
  • The tornado sirens provided a little excitement around the house - Mom gathered the pillows and the kids to head to the bottom of the stairs; Reagan was so motherly to Graham assuring that it would be okay because they done this before with Dad. Campbell did have to be woken up for the sheltering.  The storm quickly passed and soon Dad had it made it home from work and a mess....
  • Anderson discovered the water had returned to the den (with the heavier thunderstorms) when his pants become wet while playing in the den.  Dad figured his drenching had got filled up so he got the hoe and cleared it out; but not before the corner part of the den got fairly wet.  He pulled up the carpet and carpet pad and set the fan out for overnight drying.  Concrete is dry now but still waiting for the carpet to dry
  • Mom decided to ESCAPE - well, she already had plans for another night of Bunko; kids had snacks and a few movies before it was time to brush teeth, potty and make it to bed
  • No fussing tonight - kind of funny when Mom is gone and everyone goes to bed without calls for Mom or Dad to return upstairs; or maybe they are just worn out from school 

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