Road Trip 2013: Day 18, September 16, 2013 (5,166 miles later!)

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A Visit to Ms. Bona before heading home!

Well, this was our final morning to wake up in a hotel.  Everyone slept well, Campbell woke up when Whitman was fussing in the middle of the night.  She found her way to the bathroom. Then when she was finished, she turned the light off but since she couldn’t see anything, she turned it back on.  Then she tried again to turn off the light but back it went on when she realized again she was in the dark.  By this time, I made it out of bed to help her.  We leave on the light but just close the bathroom door so we can see a bit in the dark, dark hotel room. When I was zipping her back in her bag, Robby offered for her to climb in his bed.  

The next thing I knew, it was 6 and Robby was waking me up.  We had gotten ready and loaded
everything up by the time we woke up the kids.  I woke them up while Robby took the load to the car. Graham said that he could travel for another 18 days and 17 nights.  And my Anderson said that he couldn’t even remember what the toy room looked like at home.  They are going to be ready to get home and I wish that we could just stay at home for a few days doing nothing so they could play and run but that won’t get to happen.
It didn’t take too long for everyone to get ready and soon we were headed downstairs for breakfast. This as our first hotel with cinnamon rolls and a pancake machine and they were all delicious (it was also the hotel with the best shower)  After we ate, everyone pottied and then we loaded up for the drive home. Magic School Bus was the first show for the kids to watch and Keaton and Whitman had themselves a morning nap.  
We almost made it to Arkansas before our first stop-gas and pottys.  Campbell has started taking forever in the bathrooms now-like her sister.  I don’t know what she does-locks the door, unlocks it, looks around, gets her toilet paper and then finally does her business.  I don’t care how long the pottying stuff takes but the before and after kills me-I spend a lot of my time in bathrooms waiting on others to finish their business!
Back on the road and we didn’t stop again until Whattaburger in Russellville.  The kids were more impressed with their shakes than with their hamburgers.  The big 4 sat at one booth and we sat across from them-Keaton doesn’t bat an eye at sitting by us in the booth.  She is a pretty easy going child.  It doesn’t bother her at all when Robby sticks her in a closet or armoire to go to sleep.  Since our closets are bigger than hotel closets, she may have to sleep under the sink to get used to sleeping in her bed again.  
After our burgers, fries and shakes at the mandatory Whattaburger stop, we drove on to see Ms. Bona. The kids were pretty good-they took on the same rolls that they do when we go to see my grandma.  Whitman smiles at everyone, Keaton is stand offish at first but then warms up-even giving goodbye hugs and holding Ms. Bona’s hand.  Graham is polite and talks when he has the chance and Reagan acts just like an adult but says very little.  She will add to the conversation occasionally but just with short one liners.  Now my Anderson is probably just like a little Robby Dennie.  He stood there talking like a little gentleman telling Ms. Bona everything about everything.  Both boys were equally gentleman-like-fighting with each other about who could hold the door or help with the elevator.  And when she passed out candy (my grandmother passes out candy too-must be an old person requirement to have candy at the ready for little visitors) the kids all said their thank you ma’ams.  Robby hadn’t seen their old folk behavior and he was quite impressed.  
It wasn't that much longer before we were back home. The kids all quickly went upstairs to the toy room. They played and played-Robby and I pretty much unpacked before there were any problems upstairs. I did have to go upstairs once to change Keaton but the rest of the time they were happily playing. Graham and Keaton played downstairs-they played chase and it was the cutest thing ever. Whitman hung out in the car as Robby cleaned but then joined me when he became fussy.
By the time we had almost finished, it was time to head to football practice. We debated going to practice but then decided we should go so the kids could get their uniforms and flags and most importantly to have a bit of an idea of what was going to happen on Saturday. The kids all seemed to enjoy football and they really enjoyed running around.
After the boys practice, they played "two hand tackle" football. This consisted of Graham getting the ball and Anderson slamming him to the ground over and over again. Usually, Graham got up with a smile and they would do it again. But I guess Graham eventually had enough and he bit the fire out of Anderson's arm. Graham got in pretty good trouble and a few minutes later, Anderson got even and threw the ball in Graham's face. Boys!
Once everyone finished practice, we headed home and picked up pizza since the house is fairly void of food. The kids ate and then it was shower time. And finally bedtime-after waking up fairly early, I am sure my crew is a tired bunch.

But I know you are really interested in our trip by the numbers, so here goes:

Days: 18
Nights: 17
Squeezes of Toothpaste: 288
Cans of Formula Use: 3.5
Policemen who Watched Robby back up by Hollywood Sign: 2
Loads of Laundry: 15
Cups Exploding in Car: 2
2 Liter Exploding in Car: 1
Trails Walked on Side of Cliff: 2
DVDs Watched: 29
Trains Seen: 61
Highest Price of Gas Seen: 4.99
Birthday's Celebrated: 1
Loafs of Bread Eaten: 4
Hotels Stayed In: 14
Matterhorn Rides: 8
Car Vacuumed Out: 3
Back Pictures Taken: 5
National Parks Visited: 6
Hotel Complaints About Us: 0
Pictures Taken: 2,130
Cans of Formula Played in by Keaton: 1
Feet Cabin was from Grand Canyon: 21
Monorail Rides: 3
States Visited: 7
Number of Times Swimming: 6
Moves of Car Seats: 5
Number of Gallons of Gas: 397
Cans of Pringles Eaten: 8
Miles Traveled: 5,166
All these numbers add up to lots of fun and many memories by our Dennie crew.

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