September 20, 2013

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Growing boy!

  • Again, we can't seem to wake up at a decent hour (which is secretly fine with me)  Of course, this rainy weather didn't help any.  The kids were pretty calm this morning and after breakfast, we started school.
  • Whitman only heard one story during school today.  My Campbell just brings things to the crazy mark when she is home during school. She is just a catalyst that causes everyone else to spring out of control.  I kept telling everyone to whisper time and time again.  A few minutes later, Campbell came up to me and said "what is this 'whisper' you keep talking about?"  The child didn't know what I meant by whisper.  Though even after a thorough explanation, she never caught on to the whole whispering thing.
  • Anderson is the most distracted during school.  Though really, who wouldn't be distracted with the rest of us all in the same room.  Today, I did get him to go to the kitchen but he is really just as distracted by himself as he is in a room with all of us.  
  • We had lunch and started reading a book about a burrow from the Grand Canyon.  At lunch, Campbell prayed.  Her prayer went a little something like this "Thank you God for our tortillas, rice, and beans.  Thank you for the rain and thank you that nobody died."  Well, who won't amen a prayer like that?
  • Then I let the kids help make one of Reagan's birthday cakes.  And not soon enough, it was nap time.  My Keaton had been cranky all morning long-I think she became used to morning naps while on our trip and now misses them.  And then this afternoon, my Campbell took Keaton's cranky place.  I finally had to sit with Campbell on the couch until she fell asleep-she really, really, really needed a nap.  As she laid on the couch, she cried "just because you are crying doesn't mean you are sleepy, Momma."  
  • After much more baking and child wrangling, Robby made it home for supper.  We ate and then pretty much did nothing for the rest of the night.  The kids all sat in the living room looking at their kindles (book time since game times were out) and then we watched a Price is Right-pretty perfect rainy Friday night.

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