September 22, 2013-Happy Birthday Robby!

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Celebrating 39!

  • So we left off last night with 6 girls plus my Reagan and Campbell upstairs in the bonus room spending the night.  When the first movie went off they all seemed pretty wired still-like we had given them a fountain full of chocolate.  So I suggested another movie but first we laid out everyone's spot for the night.  My naive hope was that some or all would fall asleep during movie number 2.  When the movie was half over, around midnight, a gaggle of girls came down the steps wanting something or another.  This concerned me greatly since I couldn't sleep until my charges were asleep.  So when the movie was nearly over, I grabbed my book and went and sat in the light from the bathroom to read.  I was there as a gentle reminder that it was now rest time.  It only took about 10 minutes after the movie was over for everyone to be asleep.
  • So I headed back downstairs to go to my bed.  Well, Campbell Ruth was sprawled out on my side so I put her on a blanket beside our bed and crawled into bed (it was well after 1 by now).  About 10 minutes later, Robby said "Campbell just walked down the hall."  I went after her and she kept asking "where'd they go?"  I don't know if she was sleep walking or looking for the girls.  Either way, Robby "volunteered" to sleep in Anderson's bed upstairs.  "Volunteered" I said because that would mean he would be gone from the sleepover excitement, possible Whitman fussing in the middle of the night and gone from trying to sleep in the bed with Campbell who moves like a wild animal during the night.  
  • It was fine though because I didn't wake again until my alarm went off.  I hurried around to get myself ready and then thought I would go upstairs and open the blinds to start waking the girls-they were already up setting there talking.  I let them talk for a few minutes and then I started having everyone put on their Sunday clothes.  Everyone was ready in no time-they were all pretty grown up. 
  • We just had to throw clothes on the boy, Whitman, and then we were out the door with the van full of 8 girls and 1 little boy.  We stopped at Krispy Kreme for doughnuts-everyone had their free doughnut, picked out one more and then had a drink.  This was big time stuff for Reagan. We usually all share a drink but today, not only did she get her own drink but so did all of her friends.  Wow!
  • We dropped off Lilly and then headed to church.  We were there early enough for everyone to finish their Krispy Kreme drinks and even play in the game room.  The girls were great and we might just do a slumber party again.  I did have a bit of a time trying to get a few checked in-they didn't want to check them in for me.  I tried to explain that I did not want to check them out, just drop them off and I wouldn't see their parents before Sunday school.  We finally got it done though!  
  • The boys met us at church and were happy to see us.  They also had doughnuts for breakfast.  Keaton went to early Sunday school with Grannymom and sat like a perfect little angel.  Then it was time to drop her off for her Sunday school and she was going to have absolutely none of it.  That child laid down on the floor, kicked her feet and screamed!  I was a bit on the embarrassed side!-in her defense she has missed 3 weeks of Sunday school.  For worship care, Robby and I only had Whitman for most of the time so I think he really enjoyed that. 
  • Then it was Grannymom's house to celebrate Robby's birthday today.  He had a good lunch and then his favorite dessert, Oreo delight, and then opened presents.  He opened a Disney gift card and a tent (5 person tent to add to our larger tent-we are a multi tent family now).  
  • This afternoon Campbell, Robby, Whitman, Keaton and I had a nap but all too soon it was time to scurry to choir for Reagan, Anderson and Graham.  I took Keaton along with us and she sat with me like an angel in the coffee shop while I talked.  And then again when I dropped her off she screamed like a demon!  
  • After choir, Robby, Whitman and Campbell made it to church and Campbell sat in big church.  She did very good but I am thankful that we have a bit of time before she comes full time with us.  When church was up we went home for a bit of supper and then ice cream truck night.  
  • The kids were pretty tired and we really never heard a peep out of anyone-except Whitman who has taken over my spot on the couch and is trying to tip over our coke-everyone in the family loves their coke!

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