September 27, 2013-Happy Birthday Keaton!

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Celebrating Keaton's birthday at the Salt Bowl

  • The birthday girl woke up today clutching her princess doll and teddy bear she opened last night.  She climbed in our bed for a few minutes to join us and Graham.  Soon though Robby was up getting ready and I was getting Whitman from upstairs.  He fusses but when he hears us at the bottom of the stairs, he stops and is just grinning from ear to ear when he sees us.  I guess that he is happy that we didn't forget about him.
  • School went well-Reagan and even Anderson were finishing their boxes off and then Reagan and Anderson stood up and left the school room.  I was busy with Graham so I didn't know why.  I went to find them and called their names.  Reagan said that she was reading to Anderson.  I prefer that they read to Whitman or Keaton or even Campbell-anyone that doesn't have real school work to do.  But how can I tell them no when they are reading to each other.  Also I guess that Reagan didn't read to Whitman because he was already asleep-Anderson had read 3 different books to him (each day the kids have one box with preselected books that they have to read for 20 minutes but when I find a book that I also want them to read I throw that in another box)
  • Campbell and Birthday Girl spent the entire school time walking around pushing a stroller and carrying at least 3 purses each.  Now Keaton was traipsing around the house wearing blue kid high heels.  Campbell told me that the shoes were hurting Keaton's feet and I looked and the poor thing had 2 blisters from those shoes.  I tried to take the shoes away from her but she would have none of it.  I finally just had to let it go and decide to get them later since we were still doing school.  Later when they were left unattended in the hallway I snatched them up and put them in my special bag (that later goes into my special can which then goes into my special truck that comes on Wednesdays.)
  • Now I said that shoes were in the hallyway and if you are wondering how I saw them during school-it is because I set in the hallway during most of the school day.  When I was big pregnant with Whitman I sat mostly on the bed but now we are back in the hallyway.  I take turns working with the kids in the hallway while the others do their independent work at their desks (hopefully).  As I picked up after school today, I just laughed because people would not believe how we trash a room and a hallway in a few hours.  I need to take before and after pictures some day.
  • We did most of our memory work and reading before lunch and then had our lunch while finishing up our reading. We read the best book on July the 4th-I am so amazed by all of the books that are out there.  I have always heard about people homeschooling just from library books and I can definitely see how you could do that.  Robby would like that idea since library books equal free!
  • For lunch I made more ham and cheese croissants.  Those things are just good-Reagan ate 2 but the real surprise was Anderson eating strawberries.  I didn't know he ate strawberries!  At one time he had apples but lately stopped that.  The others ate about 10 cuties while I was finishing reading.  I had thought I would take our extra oranges with us on the trip as a snack but I don't guess that will be happening.
  • After lunch, we did a quick clean of the house.  Then the kids played around the house.  The boys played their kindles.  Graham finished his kindle game time as soon as his school was over (since he finishes so much before the others) and then he would ask Campbell, Anderson and even Reagan if they were going to play theirs-he was trying to get his fix by just watching them play their kindles.  
  • Now Reagan spent most of her afternoon in the closet.  She has set up her new legos from her birthday all around the office by Robby's closet.  So we have this huge house and she is holed up in a space that is 3x3.  The reason is-she can shut that door and no one knows where she is.
  • When Robby came home, we jumped in the van to go and see Beebee.  She was near the door waiting on us and was happy to see everyone.  Keaton was wearing the dress that Beebee had bought her for her birthday (even though it was long sleeved-it wasn't that hot today!) and Reagan was wearing the earrings that Beebee had bought for her birthday as well.  
  • The kids were pretty good at Beebee's place.  Some folks had been playing bingo and when it was over, a slew of wheelchair bound ladies came over to us.  They were just staring at us as we talked-one would talk to Anderson occasionally.  I told him to just smile and say "yes maam" and he played along nicely.  I almost left my Campbell with Beebee-I told her to put my phone down and what did she do? That child took about a hundred pictures of strange 90 year old ladies! 
  • As soon as we drove in the driveway, Robby was out and we started sending kids in to potty while we loaded other stuff into the car.  Tonight was the Salt Bowl and we went again this year.  The tailgating was the big hit with my crew-candy, hot dogs, icees, pickles, popsicles, popcorn, cokes-all for free.  Plus they were giving away footballs, tattoos and a host of other stuff.  Now whenever I saw anyone giving out pencils, I would push the kids up to the table to get some.  Robby was surprised by my need for pencils but we do not have a single pencils with an eraser in the house-well, we didn't but now we are all set for awhile.
  • The biggest event of the tailgating was the rock wall.  We let the big 3 kids line up to do it-Campbell never even asked, maybe she knew she couldn't do it.  Reagan was first and she climbed all the way to the top.  Next was Anderson who made it about halfway and then he just started coming back down.  When he got down, I tried to encourage him to try again but he said "no, I'm done."  He didn't really struggle up there so I guess that he was just indeed truly done.  Later he said that it did make him a bit nervous up there.  Graham was the last one and he made it about half way when he started struggling.  The nice army guys manning the rock wall asked if he wanted to keep going and up, so they somehow pulled that child the rest of the way up.  You should have seen his wide eyes and his huge grin when he made it to the top.  
  • Then it on to the game-we found seats near the top.  This year we sat on the Bryant side-last year we were on the Benton side.  We made it until half time which is pretty good since we had the baby and Keaton who was a wiggly worm crawling from the row where Reagan and Campbell were sitting down to Robby and Graham and then finally on down to Anderson, Whitman and me.  Thankfully she never fell but she was pretty worn out at the end of the half.  
  • So we left with a bribe for Sonic drinks-the kids enjoyed their drinks on the way home.  Though I am pretty sure I will have some wet beds in the morning!     

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