September 19, 2013

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Reading to brother; Listening to brother!

  • Robby woke up this morning and his first words were "It's 8:00."  I guess we haven't gotten off of vacation time after all.  Campbell and him still made it to school just a wee bit late.  My Campbell was in such a good mood this morning and ready to go to school, but when it came right down to it she wasn't that ready.  Ms. Hannah wasn't there but Ms. Lisa was so she shouldn't have been upset but Robby said she fussed pretty good.
  • I finally had to wake Reagan up this morning so we could start school by 9.  We really need a good 4 hours to get most everything done so 9 is really an hour to late to start.  Probably if it was just one 2nd grader, or one 1st grader or one kindergartner then they could finish in 2 hours.  But since there are more distractions and more waiting on me then I it takes so much most time.  Someday, I might just give my theory a try to see how long it all really takes-maybe that wouldn't be fair giving 2 kids the day off and making one do school. 
  • So my favorite part of the day was watching Whitman.  Anderson had two different books that he had to ready today and Reagan had one.  Their boxed had the book they were to read and a note that said "read to a sister" or "read to a brother."  Since Campbell wasn't there, Keaton's doesn't care and Graham was busy himself working, Whitman was the sibling of choice.  That baby sat in his bumbo seat and listened intently.  Anderson loudly read his "Green Eggs and Ham" book and Whitman listened to all 60+ pages.  By the time Reagan read to him, he was pretty tired.  She came back in and told me that Whitman looked sleepy.  Indeed, when I went to check on him, he was sound asleep-being read to all morning is hard on a little guy.
  • We finally finished school and started on lunch.  We had just about finished when Campbell and Robby came in.  He was able to pick her up from school and then they ran a few errands to pick up some things for Reagan's birthday.
  • This afternoon flew by with only a few minutes of quiet-Robby said that it was only quiet in this house for 20 minutes.  Those were the 20 minutes that I sat down-things are only calm around here where Keaton is napping and while Campbell is eating a snack and watching a movie with the others.  As soon as her snack is over, she is finished with the movie and following me. 
  • Stephanie came over to borrow a razorback and the kids were happy to see outsiders.  I know that all kids are the same and get wound up when there is company but my kids were nutzo today.  I am sure that it is because there isn't just one or two wild kids, it is more like 5 or 6 wild kids.  They eventually calmed-when we put them to bed tonight.
  • We had our supper and then did a little bit of work for this big sleepover birthday party-counting Reagan and (Campbell) I think there is going to be 7 girls spend the night.  I didn't buy that big van for nothing!  Anyway, we made some spoons dipped in chocolate and then I let the kids go nuts with the sprinkles.  And finally, we test out our craft project for the evening-crossing our fingers that it will work.  So far so good-most info on that after the party-don't want to spoil it! Ha!
  • By then it was bedtime for all-everyone is asleep (even Whitman for a bit) and it is time for some hot chocolate. 

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