September 21, 2013-Happy Birthday Reagan!

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Celebrating Reagan's Birthday!

  • So last night we were thinking that the rain would cause there to be no football this morning, but the sun was shining and the field were draining so the Dennie crew had their first football games this morning.  We didn't really pack anything up last night so we had to race around this morning.  And we remembered everything (except the sunscreen!)
  • Graham's game was first.  The kindergarten league is always a hoot to watch but Graham took it all pretty seriously.  He pulled a flag and even scored a touchdown.  He really had fun and it is pretty easy to see with him because his smile is literally ear to ear.  Graham's t
    Game Day!
    eam technically lost but I do not count their last score because they put in their star player to run a touchdown.  
  • Next up was Anderson's game and my Anderson is just a little coach or maybe an arm chair quarterback.  He spent most of his time telling his teammates where to line up.  I know that he pulled at least one flag.  His team did win and he also had a great time.
  • Then we had a bit over an hour break and we all sat in the blazing sun-which is the reason that all of the Dennie's are sunburned.  We ate from the concession stand and soon it was Reagan's game.  Now my Reagan seemed a bit self conscience out there but I really think she enjoyed it.  Her team won and she was the center most of the time and was even the quarterback a few times.  
  • Now back to my little coach Anderson.  When he was watching Graham's game, I asked him about a player.  Anderson replied "I just don't think that he has the skills for it."  And during Reagan's game, we realized that he needs to work on his tact as he yelled at his sister "Get the flag Reagan, don't just stand there." 
  • The boys ended up going home with Grannymom and Grandpa.  There feet were soaking wet with "quicksand" when they left.  And Keaton, hearing that the boys were going home with someone else, went up to Nonna and said "house? house?" She said this until Nonna got the point and invited her home with her.  So that left us with only 3 kiddos at home while we were getting ready for the party.  
  • The first thing that had to happen was showers for everyone and then we started working with a few last minute party things. The McGuire girls were the first to arrive a bit early so they entertained my big girls until the party really got started.
  • Everyone arrived-Nonna, Pops, Grannymom, Grandpa, Dana, Jason, Cash and then all of the girls spending the night-Kennedy, Kaleigh, Lilly, Alyssa Kate (just a few minutes late), Molly (who couldn't stay all night), plus Kennedy, Camryn and my Reagan.  Actually, I am sitting here trying to figure out if that is all of the girls that are here now or not.  I am pretty sure that is it!
  • The first activity was supper which was basically "eat all of the chocolate from the fountain that you can."  We practically didn't have to wash the fountain because it was drained dry.  Now my boys just about wallowed in all of the chocolate.  
  • Then it was present time-Reagan really racked up with lots of loot.  Lego Friends, earring holder, earrings, a doll, lap desk, a rug to make, a game, password diary.  She was very pleased with all of her gifts and then we ate her cake.  Reagan said that that chocolate cake was her favorite so I guess she was pleased with that as well.
  • So then all of the family left and the real party started-ha! I knew with this many girls we would need to keep them busy, busy.  Our first activity was decorating socks with sharpie markers and then tie dyeing them with alcohol.  This craft took forever for them to decorate their socks and then since I had only one spray bottle that also took a long time.  
  • Then they played a dice game-the numbers they rolled told what they had to do.  Grab 1 piece of candy, or two, do nothing, take someone else's candy, trade bags-it was lots of fun and the girls were all really good sports about it.  I did hook everyone up with extra candy when it was over so no one left empty handed.  
  • I had planned for the girls to finish off the cake balls that we had started to make last night but we figured they were pretty hyped on candy and chocolate so we might should skip that.  So then it was on to the movie.  
  • We didn't know if we should send Campbell away or let her stay with the girls but so far she has really done very well.  She just came downstairs a few minutes ago because the movie was scary.  I lucked out when I picked the movie-one hour and 40 minutes long.  And to top it off, none of the girls had seen it.  "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking" are not really that new since it was from 2001. 
  • They have their pajamas on and soon we will try to get everyone to sleep-say a little prayer for us!  Ha!

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