September 24, 2013

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More celebrations for Robby's birthday!

  • Campbell went to school this morning and that little girl is always to happy to go.  This morning as I was combing her hair, she told me all about how she was going to play "go fish" with Grannymom.  She went on to say that she wanted to play because they never get to play that game.  During the afternoon, I started wondering if she would remember that she wanted to play so I text Grannymom.  And sure enough she had remembered that she wanted to play and her and Grannymom were playing even as I text. 
  • This morning, school went well.  Though if Keaton is left alone for too long, you never know what she is going to bring to you.  Her usual antics include bringing my box after box of cereal while saying "snack, snack."  Today, she just went to the closet by Robby's office and brought my package after package of donuts.  Of course since I went ahead and opened a package, she will do this every day now.  I need to just bite the bullet and move all of my food up high-though there is always someone that she can get to reach things for her.
  • Soon though it was lunch time-well, actually it was 12:30 when we slowed down enough to realize that it was lunch time.  We had our lunch and read our stories and then started working on our projects for Thursday.  I don't know why I seem to plan things all on the same day-Keaton's birthday, her party and our homeschool group plus the day before is Bible study and then Wednesday night church plus we are leaving in a week.  I think I need a bag to breath in before I hyperventilate.  Actually, Keaton's party shouldn't be too difficult to throw together in a few hours-I am just taking things day by day these days!
  • This afternoon calmed some and I even sat on the couch for a minute.  The kids practiced their oral reports-my Graham had his completely memorized last time but this time will be pretty painful!  We still have some time to practice tomorrow (I hope!)
  • Soon Robby, who had done my grocery shopping, and Campbell were home to unload the groceries and then we loaded the people up and went to Nonna's house.  We celebrated Robby's birthday with pizza and oreo dessert.  Can't go wrong with a supper like that.  He opened up a book, quesadilla maker and a big metal hog for the front yard.  
  • Back at home the kids watched a movie and then it was bedtime.  I plugged in Reagan's disco ball so it is up there shining away-so far they have been very quiet.  I told them that if I heard a peep I would have turn it off!

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