Road Trip 2013: Day 3, September 1, 2013

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Gunfight at the OK Corral!

This morning when Whitman woke up for a bottle, I thought the clock said 6:30 so I didn’t really worry about rushing to get his milk since it was time for everyone to start stirring.  But when I sat up, I realized the clock just said 5:30 so I beelined it to grab that blessed bottle.  This was just our second hotel but each night walking around in the dark room after the kids have gone to sleep is like playing a game of minesweeper-trying not to click on a landmine is just like me trying to walk around the room and not step on a sleeping child.

We were all up by 6:30 and everyone looked a little more tired today.  Robby went down to load up the car while I went to breakfast with everyone else.  The kids were fine but probably a bit noisy.  One lady came up to me and said “I noticed how
you handled your little problem and it was just perfect.”  I am pretty sure that she was referring to Campbell asking to get up and me saying no.  She started to do her fussing routine and I pointed to her chair and walked off.  Campbell quickly calmed and was fine.  The lady meant this as a compliment but I took it as she heard my noisy kids from across the room.  Actually, they were pretty good during breakfast-busy gobbling down their food.  I think we could probably just get by with breakfast and not eat for the rest of the day.

We left 7 minutes later than yesterday.  Everyone was content with their little box of cereal and new movie playing.  I had my pie from yesterday and Robby had a 2 liter.  What could be better!  Well, you know what could be better-listening to church as we drive down the road.  Robby found the live stream of church and we started listening.  Anderson was singing along and Campbell kept saying “Adalyn’s daddy, Adalyn’s daddy” over and over.  I guess she recognized Skelley’s voice.  When the sermon came on, Anderson asked us to turn the church music back on.  We told him that we couldn’t so he asked if we could just turn it off.  We told him that we wouldn’t do that and that we were probably going to listen to it all again next hour.  Robby did try to take up an offering but the kids looked at him like he had gone mad.

We did stop at McDonalds for a potty break and ice cream break.  Of course it happened to be near the greyhound stop.  Amazing how so many people do not believe in deodorant.  Anyway, after our ice cream and drink, we did a quick cleaning of the car and were back on the road.  Robby put on his head phones and listened to the second service while I had the luxury of not having headphones and getting to listen to the kids movie and Whitman fussing.  Poor thing was continuously in the sun for most of the morning.  

It was not too long (about 4 hours) that we met Hank (my uncle) in Tombstone for the afternoon. The kids were so happy to see him and were just thrilled to follow him around the streets of Tombstone. It was pretty crowded because of the holiday but we were able to experience the streets of the old west. They also had lots of people dressed in costumes walking around but also they were having a costume parade so plain ole Joes also had on costumes which made things pretty interesting.

We found some ice cream for the kids to enjoy (at a dollar a piece so that was pretty sweet). I have always wanted to have one of those old timey pictures made so Robby found us a place and we got in line. And after Robby waited in line for what seemed like forever and then he called it quits. We walked on and finally found our next adventure-tickets for the OK Corral.

At the OK Corral, we found seats-barely. They packed everyone in like sardines. Anderson was next to Hank. Robby had Whitman and Campbell and I was beside Keaton, Graham and Reagan. We were in the sun and it was hot! After the first show, lots of parents had to take their kids out. I should have taken Keaton out because she was about to have a stroke she was so scared. She had her arms wrapped around me and they were also covering her ears. Actually, she was like an octopus because she also had her hands on top of my hands covering her little ears. She would jump and whine "milk, milk" and "no, no" occasionally. Anderson was so compassionate, he would come and tell her that it was going to be okay. Sweetest brother ever. By the end of the second show, I felt bad and took her out.

Soon Robby, Campbell and Whitman followed. Campbell was managing fine during all of the shooting but she was getting antsy and Whitman was getting hot. Now my Graham, he was trying his best to be a big boy but his hands were on his ears. Reagan told him to ask Hank if they could leave but after a few more minutes, they all came down. The show was still going on but we had heard enough-gun fights, loud, people die: got it.

Afterwards, we followed Hank who was on his motorcycle to Sierra Vista. Now Anderson was pretty convinced that Hank was going to leave us since motorcycles go much faster than vans-especially big vans like ours. It took about 20 minutes to get here and it was a beautiful drive.

When we arrived at Hank and Sonia's house there was food galore waiting on us for supper-steak, corn, twice baked potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, fruit salad, cookies, watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, chips and salsa and cheese cake. It was all delicious and I don't think that I will have to eat anything for the rest of the trip. Actually, I will never be eating anything again for as long as I live-that is how stuffed I am.

After supper, the kids jumped into the pool and since it was warm Robby, Whitman and I followed. Whitman loved the pool and stayed in for quite a long time. Keaton had a blast as well and when she came out for a shower so did Campbell. Reagan, Anderson and Graham swam until they were completely water logged. After swimming, Sonia had marshmallows for the kids to roast.

And before we knew it, she had them playing frisbee with plates. Reagan said "this is the best night ever." I remember when I was little, I always loved it when Hank and Sonia came to town too. My kids have had a blast tonight seeing them too.

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