September 29, 2013-Happy Birthday Jason (and Keaton)

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Big kids sing in big church!

  • Sunday morning and with a few less girls waking up here and a few more boys (just our own), it was a lot easier getting ready for church.  I showered while Robby woke everyone up and then I took over and finished up breakfast while Robby put on his clothes.  
  • There is a new season of Cake Boss on Netflix so the kids were so excited when Robby turned it on during breakfast.  If you turn the tv on at our for breakfast, the kids will zoom down the stairs, dressed, brushed and combed in no time at all.
  • We had to arrive at church early today because Reagan and Anderson were singing in big church.  Reagan was barely visible standing next to other second grade girls but I know that she was singing away.  But I could clearly see my boy Anderson and he was singing his little heart out.  We even heard that he was singing away in the second service.  I tell you there is nothing like seeing your kids singing praises on Sunday morning.
  • After church, we celebrated Jason's birthday at Nonna's house.  We also celebrated Keaton's birthday again with a cake from Nonna.  They both made their wishes and blew out their candles and then ate their cakes.  
  • It was raining by the time we headed home and a rainy Sunday is a great day for a nap.  But surprise we didn't take a nap.  Robby took Campbell to the store to pick up some last minute grocery items.  So I stayed with the others and tried to avoid falling asleep-actually I stayed busy folding basket fulls of laundry and trying to get Whitman to take a nap.  He has decided that he doesn't want to sleep when I want him to sleep.  Our other kids would go to sleep on the way home and we would bring their car seats into the house and they would sleep right where we left them for hours or even all night long-not Whitman.  We bring him inside in that car seat and he is awake before I can take my shoes off.  
  • Back to church for choir tonight.  I helped paint a few things in the preschool department and Whitman stayed with me rolling on the floor drinking his milk.  And Robby, Keaton and Campbell went upstairs to have themselves a cookie.  Actually when we walked in the door tonight, Keaton looked up at Robby and said "cookie?"  Kids really have a great memory because she hasn't gotten a Sunday night cookie since May and she still remembered the routine.
  • Church was fine-even with Campbell and a 45 minute sermon.  Though long, the sermon was educational-but when we came home we had to explain that the facts were heard were not about what we believe but what others believe.  The kids had their ice cream truck and then they headed to bed while Robby and I worked on our photo book from our trip.  

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