September 30, 2013

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Photobombed by Mom!

  • Since I had a lovely dentist appointment early this Monday morning, everyone was shipped out to Grandma's houses.  Robby took the boys to Grannymom's house and I took the girls to Nonna's house.  
  • My dentist appointment was a cleaning and two crowns so that took practically all morning long.  I was glad that I sent school work for the kids to do-Anderson did his phonics, Graham did his math and Reagan also worked on her math.  Campbell had a bit of work to do as well and I am sure that Keaton found something to do.  And Whitman practiced eating his cereal for his homework.
  • I started picking everyone up-first at Grannymom's house and then to Nonna's house.  When we finally made it home, we started on school before I even unloaded a thing.  One thing is for sure is that I have very little patience in the afternoon (and after lots of dental work too)  
  • The kids did fine during school-all except Graham and Campbell who would not find anything at all for them to do.  My only request was that they find something to do quietly-because I didn't want them to wake anyone up.  After many failed attempts of them being quiet, I just put them out on the front porch.  This was much more dramatic than I had anticipated because when I opened the door to take them out there, a slew of grand daddy long legs ran into the house (slew might be a bit of an overstatement-probably more like 2).  Graham jumped out of the house and Campbell ran out screaming like snakes were chasing her-my favorite part of the day!!
  • Finally the kids quietened down and started watching a movie.  By this time Keaton was awake and she helped me pack a few things (only a few and then it was time to get ready for supper).  We ate and then quickly headed to soccer.
  • On the way to soccer, it rained a bit on us and we were pretty excited about the idea of not having practice.  By the time we arrived, the sky was clear and practice was on-only problem was that the balls hadn't arrived yet.  Six teams were practicing football with not a ball in sight!  They eventually came and everyone practiced.
  • Campbell and Keaton found little friends to play with so they had fun.  Anderson and Graham went off during their practice playing with some little guys.  And my Reagan had the best time during practice-she was chasing boys, they were chasing her-maybe she had too much fun during practice. She was all smiles tonight and was having a blast.
  • At home, everyone had showers upstairs while Whitman rolled around on the floor.  Then a quick snack and it was bedtime for everyone-Whitman is even asleep already!

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