September 28, 2013

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  • Even though we went to a foo
    Game Day!
    tball game last night, watched the kids play 3 games today and are sitting in on the couch watching the Hogs, it is not all about football at this house.  But we still had to wake up early for Graham's game.  Though on football days the kids don't have any problems getting up and getting ready.  
  • Graham's game was first-he thinks they won (I don't!)  Either way he had fun and even carried the ball a long ways a few times.  Anderson got to carry the ball at least once but the highlight of his game was playing Cash.  I tried to get a few pictures of him and Cash facing off-everyone in a while before they started playing, Anderson and Cash would start playfully pushing each other.  I was afraid those two little cousins were gong to get themselves in trouble.  Anderson's team did win not because of anything that Anderson did though and despite the passes that Cash threw to his teammates.  
  • Next up was Reagan's game.  She said she pulled a flag but I'm not too sure about that.  Maybe she though she just thought she pulled a flag.  Once the ball came towards her and she did what any good Dennie girl would do-she ducked!  There were lots of people on her team today so she sat out the first quarter and the last quarter.  During the last quarter the other kids setting out went to their folks but we were on the opposite side so she sat on the bench alone.  Robby went over to set with her.  He said that she was fine over there (even though she looked pretty pitiful)  He also said that Reagan said "cheerleading is more boring than cheerleading.  All you do in cheerleading is say the same thing over and over.  D-D-D-Defense."  
  • Since the kids went to VBS at the small church down the road this summer, they have been talking about getting pies in the face.  Our life has been pretty crazy lately but today I had stuff to make pies for my boys faces.  Well, it turns out that my two boys are wimps, cry babies and woos-es.  Graham took his pie in the face but then Anderson was going to have no part in it.  They got into a bit of trouble by turning something fun into so much drama.  
  • Pies or not, everyone needed showers and good showers so that was next on the agenda.  Then we finished off the croissants before letting the kids work on the toy room for a bit.  By now it was 2 and Keaton had her nap as did Whitman and eventually Campbell.  I worked on packing-hmm, we leave in 4 days and I have nada accomplished towards that, plus 2 days of school, an all morning dentist appointment (cleaning and 2 crowns), football practice, going to see my grandma, going to Bible study, Wednesday night church as well as church all day tomorrow.   Don't worry, I am sure there is a walmart close-some day (when I have more money than sense) I am going to leave for a trip with nothing but the clothes on my back-not next week though.
  • After the kids movies, we told them to go upstairs for 15 minutes and then we would make cake pops.  It was made clear that they were to be good so they could play their kindles later.  I heard Graham causing a commotion and corrected him and when Robby heard the problem again, he made the boy go outside and pick up sticks.  Best punishment ever.  Robby sat on the bench and watched him-the others eventually saw and Campbell said "Grahammy is working and Daddy is sitting on the bench being lazy."  
  • The rest of us made a huge old mess making cake pops.  We intended to have them for Reagan's party but then ran out of time.  Then we planned on letting just the girls make them at her party but we decided they didn't need any more sweets.  Next I though I would finish them for Keaton's party but ran out of time so finally we did them today.  The kids were pretty happy to use the sprinkles freely which led to the 5th time of the day that we swept the floor.
  • We watched some of the Hogs game, I helped Reagan make a few bracelets, we put sheets back on all the bed, ate supper and the kids even had time to play.  Pretty good evening but by the end of the evening the kids were wound up but surprisingly everyone went right to sleep.      

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