September 23, 2013

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Open House at Campbell's School!

  • Waking up at a decent time is just a struggle for me but it is for Keaton, Whitman and especially Reagan.  Now my boys act as if hunger pains are waking them up each and every morning.  Their first words to me are "when are we going to eat breakfast?" and "I'm starving."  And I am in no hurry to get breakfast for them or to get out of bed.  Though I did read a blog about a homeschooling lady with many kiddos and she made bacon and muffins from scratch and even said their day was "peaceful."  I'm not sure if it was the breakfast that caused her day to be peaceful or not-maybe I will try a breakfast like that tomorrow-or maybe not.
  • School went fairly well today.  Only one incident when Reagan had herself a little fit.  One of their things each week is to follow steps to draw a picture.  They are pretty easy but today Reagan was not pleased with her work.  She stormed out of the room screaming "I am not any good at art!"  She continued to scream for a long, long time.  I let her calm down on her own (well, I did explain that behavior wasn't acceptable).  Finally she calmed and later she redid her drawing and it was pretty perfect.  Not really sure where she gets this need for perfection!  Must be me.
  • After school, we had our lunch and then worked on the kids oral reports for Thursday.  Soon though Robby was home and we were cleaning out the garage for a bit.  And before we knew it, it was time to get ready for soccer.  
  • Tonight was pictures at soccer but it was also open house for Campbell.  Robby couldn't go since he had to coach so I took her, Keaton and Whitman.  Campbell has barely been to school enough to have done anything to show at open house tonight but Ms. Hannah did have her picture in the art center.  We stayed in the room for a bit and then moved on to the highlight-the cookies and punch.
  • Keaton and Campbell sat so carefully at the table eating their cookie.  And I have never seen Keaton use a little cup like she did tonight.  She was so careful and once I put it back on the table for her and didn't put it in the "right" spot and she pointed and said "here" instructing me where to put it back.  When their cookies and punch were gone, they went to dance on the stage with the other kids. 
  • Then we headed back to the soccer field to watch the last few minutes of Reagan's practice.  Tonight Reagan seemed like she was enjoying practice and even caught the ball.  We are pretty proud of her for trying something new.  
  • Back at home, it was speed shower time followed by speed brushing teeth time and then speed put 6 kids into bed time!  They were all exhausted from a Monday and soccer practice!

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